Rifca Stanescu - Youngest grandmother in the world!

She is only 27 but already a grandmother to a four year old boy! Though it is quite surprising, it is true. The tradition of 'marrying young' in the Romanian gypsy communities has made this possible. And, Rifca Stanescu is that young lady, from the village of Investi in Romania, to become the youngest grandmother in the world at the age of just 23!

Rifca Stanescu, born in 1985, ran away and married with Ionel Stanescu, a jewellery seller, when she was just 11. An year later she gave birth to Maria. Maria continued the tradition; married at the age of 11 and gave birth to Ion at 12. It is also a good thing to know that Rifca, Maria and Ion are all perfectly healthy. And for much of the surprise, Ion is already engaged to a ten year old girl. So it is not a fantasy if Maria becomes a grandmother at much younger age than her mother Rifca!

Rifca is a happy grandmother but she says she had other plans for Maria. Rifca insisted Maria to stay in school and complete her education. But when Maria was ready for the marriage, Rifca didn't stop her, as such is their tradition. It is also their tradition that bridegroom has to pay dowry to bride's parents!

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