And the world ends on 21st of December?

For the past two years, thanks to our mainstream media, lot of debates are going on about doomsday. Most of the people are scared about the end of the world. The hysteria has taken the world by storm! What else to say? Recent events around the world have seemed to prove the Apocalypse!

Many believe that recent natural disasters like 'Sandy' storm in US, earthquakes and tsunami in Japan are precursors to the world's end. More than that, several "evidences" have been discovered (or created?) by philosophers, astrologers, and especially media! One of such evidences is "The Mayan Calender".

How true the Mayan Calender's prediction is?

Mayan calender is said to end on 21st of December of 2012, and it is just 10 more days for that day. But in reality, there are many such Mayan calenders! Every calender has different end dates! Then how could we determine which is the actual end date of the earth? Or at least, how could we confidently say that the calender in our focus is the last one of such calenders?! It is not mentioned on the calender like "It is the end!". Just like every year has an end, every Mayan calender also has an end and another new calender begin as a continuity.

It doesn't make sense to believe that Mayans had an extra ordinary ability of foretelling. Only with the advent of modern science the humans started to explore the universe and study its laws. There is no anarchy in the universe, everything has a definite law and they work according to that law. Unless understanding the law, one can't decide the fate of something. Media has repeated it again and again the same crow-sparrow stories under the disguise of 'scientific' analysis.

What to believe?

 No scientist has ever said that world will end on December 21. But media has, again, lied to people that scientists have speculated the end on 21st of December. Despite of all the advances in science and technology, it is a morose that people still yield to blind beliefs so easily. Let the common man be aside, even many scientists yield to superstitions. Last month when Russia sent a cosmonaut crew to International Space Station, I was spellbound by watching a priest performing rituals around the rocket launchpad before the launch!

Is there no end to life on earth?

It is not like world will last forever, it has its doomsday for the future. But for the present estimates, that end is far beyond our many future generations. There is no logical basis for the world to end on 21st December. No asteroids are coming in the hunt of the earth. In fact, thousands of asteroids come and go near (yet in astronomical figures) the earth everyday. But they follow a definite path and no asteroid is found to be having its path through the earth. Storms and earthquakes have been occurring since the birth of earth. If they are more monstrous and increased today, it is because of global warming and man-made crimes. For the rest of the speculations, they are too childish to be true. In my opinion, if world ends, it will not because of natural disaster, but because of human beings!

While everyone is hysterical about the end of the world, anyone thinking of changing the world for the good?

Titan Arum - The biggest flower in the world!

This is not just a flower, but a monster flower! Arum Titan, or scientifically termed as "Amorphophallus titanum", is the largest tropical flower in the world!

Blossomed in Swiss botanical garden of Basel, Switzerland, on 19th of November, Titan Arum has attracted the attention of the whole world by its uniqueness.Titan Arum is 2.27 meters tall and it is also the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. It is a flower, as well as a plant!

Titan Arum has its origin in the rain forests of Sumatra and blooms only once in every few years. It can grow up to 3 meters and rarely blossoms outside its natural environment. But this is the second time, in Switzerland, it blossomed in last 18 months, thanks to the staff of the Swiss botanical garden for their utmost care! It was April 2011 when Titan Arum had blossomed last time.

Titan Arum is also known for its stinky nature. It releases stinkiest odour that resembles the rotting meat. Yet, this flower has succeeded in attracting more than 25,000 visitors to its place. But if you are intolerant to such smell, just enjoy watching it online!

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