The Debt Effect - Students turn faces into billboards to pay debt!

After becoming graduates, the first question to answer is not where to work but how to pay the university debt? Yes, global economic slowdown has created such a scenario today that finding a job is almost impossible. At the same time, university debt starts to eat the head. If you are facing the same situation and thinking what to do, here is the answer for your question - Sell your face!

Ross Harper and Ed Moyse, both Oxford alumni, have found a way to pay their university debt. They are selling advertising space on their faces for hundreds of pounds a day! Starting from last October, Ross and Ed are successful in raising more than £32,000 of money and their business is growing day by day like nothing else. Students from as far as Germany and US have contacted Ross and Ed to rent out their face to pay their university debt.

When Ross and Ed faced the question of paying university debt, the face painting idea came to their help."It was kind of wacky with a lot of fun," Harper said. "When it started making money, just from a practical side of things you have to talk to an accountant and things like that, stuff we hadn't expected. Then we were suddenly making enough for it to be more of a career." In the beginning, they had to sell their face ads to their friends and family at as low as  £1 a day. But today, with the increasing demand, they sell face ads for whopping £400 a day!

Anyone from business firm to individual can buy ad space on their face through their website Harper, a former neuroscience student at Oxford said, "It's our unconventional way of paying off our student debt. The graduate job market is incredibly hostile, and so we thought we'd try and bypass it altogether". Moyse added, "It has exceeded expectations, but we always knew it had value and is novel and crazy."

Chandra Bahadur Dangi - The Shortest Man in the World!

The country with world's tallest mountain is now also the home for world's shortest man! Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a 72 year old man from Nepal is now the shortest person in the world. Measured 21.5 inches or 54.6 centimeters, Chandra Bahadur Dangi was the world's shortest person living and shortest person ever measured by Guinness World Records as well!

Dangi has lived all his life in a remote village in Nepal and is now dreaming of travelling across the world. He broke the previous record of Junrey Balawing of the Philippines, who is 23.5 inches or 60 centimeters tall. Though he is short, small and aged, Dangi says that he has never undergone any treatment or medication by doctors! When he suffers cold or fever, he has his own way to cure them; drinking hot water with turmeric powder dissolved in it, which according to him, makes fever stay no longer than three days.

Dangi has six brothers, two sisters and his parents were died when he was just 16. The illiteracy caused him to wait so long to claim the award as he was unaware of any such record before! He wants to visit foreign countries and meet people around the world. He is happy that he is now popular all over the world as shortest person ever lived. And he is also the oldest person to be awarded as shortest person in the world.

Despite of being the smallest person in the world, Chandra Bahadur Dangi is a hard worker. He work all day making placemats and head straps for village people to carry load on their backs. He even look after buffalos and cows.

We people make fun of him but only Dangi could know the feeling of being short. Life is much harder for him than we imagine. Most of his time he spend at home and he needs assistance to move around.  But he has lived through 72 years and still works to support his family.
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