Facebook Messenger for Windows - A little Facebook browser!

Facebook has made connecting with the friends and family easy. By making the app available to all kind of mobile devices, Facebook made it easier to stay connected on the go. Now it is time to turn back to your PC again, because Messenger for Windows is on the way!

Messenger for Windows is a new, official, trial app for your windows PC by Facebook that lets you use Facebook without being on www.facebook.com. That means using this light weight and easy to use app, you can use most of the Facebook service without logging in through your web browser.

This app lets you

~ Chat and message with your Facebook friends.

~ See the latest updates from your friends in ticker.

~ Get quick notifications about what's going on.

One-time setup is all you need to use this app. It automatically install updates, so you don't need to worry about updating it every time a new release arrives. Messenger for Windows hasn't been made public yet as this is the first and trial version. As you might know, problems are inevitable at this stage. But expect it to work better as they release new updates.

 Messenger for Windows is just like a little Facebook outside the web browser. It is working fine on my computer for the past few days, and hope it continues to work fine. If you want to try this app and also want to be the first among your friends to use, download Messenger for Windows here. Already using Messenger for Windows ? Your feedback is very much important and helps Facebook team to improve the app much faster. You can provide feedback on your experience here.

Still, what are you waiting for ? ;)

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