Nokia Asha 200 - Classy phone in the Class!

It is again testing time for Nokia in the Indian Mobile Phone Market. Nokia has sold 19.4 million smart phones all over the world in last three months, outgrowing the expectations of Analysts. But Nokia suffered more than a billion dollar loss during that period. Though high end market is going fine for Nokia, low end is not. Especially a lucrative market like India is going out of Nokia's hand. To gain momentum, Nokia has launched a new feature-rich phone, named Asha 200.

Nokia Asha 200 is a dual SIM phone with compact QWERTY Keypad.  Asha, which means hope in Indian languages, has been designed with middle class people in mind. Change SIM without turning the phone off, just like you hot swap the memory card. Asha 200 is a colorful and stylish phone which also features a 2 mega pixel rare camera, 64 MB in built storage which is expandable up to 32 GB, and a well built web browser. Web browser supports HTML, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. A proxy browser with compression technology helps faster data transmission and also reduces data usage.

Battery can stand up to 7 hours of 2G talk time and 30 days in standby mode. Nokia Asha 200 supports high speed USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR for local connectivity. Email, chatting, IM are made easy with Asha. FM recording user interface has been built into Radio Player, easing the recording process. Plenty of audio formats like wav,  wma, aac, amr, and video formats like wmv, mp4, 3gpp are supported.

This colorful phone is available in five colors, namely, Aqua, Green, Graphite, Light Pink, and White. Nokia Asha 200 is environmental friendly, made of 100% recycled materials, phone is is recyclable up to 47%. It costs around $90 or Rs.4300.   With all these great features built into one phone, Nokia Asha 200 is one of the best phone in its class, making it a perfect choice for your next buy. But one thing it seriously lacks is touchscreen. In this 'Touch' generation, what level would this phone succeed to? Only time can answer.

Avast Free Mobile Security for Android - Not just an Antivirus!

Is your Android phone still unsecured ? or are you still paying for antivirus on your Android phone ? If your answer is yes for any one of these questions, you need to change something to something better, or even best !

Avast has come up with a full featured antivirus and anti-theft security for your Android phone, available for free. Yes, you really don't need to pay anything! If you are using Avast Free Antivirus on your PC, you will be aware of mighty power of it. Now this impressive security solution has been extended to your Android phone as well.

Recently, Avast purchased ITAgents, maker of Theft Aware, and has combined the best anti-theft solution of Theft Aware with Avast's award winning antivirus technologies to build Avast Free Mobile Security. Avast Free Mobile Security features many amazing features, which, even paid security doesn't provide.

Some of the amazing features of this app are listed below.

~ Antivirus - Perform on demand scan of all installed apps and memory card contents. You can also schedule scans.

~ App Manager - Know which apps are running on your phone, how much memory they are consuming, and their CPU load, with options to stop or uninstall a particular app.

~ Great User Interface - Easy to use and well formatted user interface.

~ SMS/Call filtering - Filter unwanted calls and messages, based on many parmeters.

~ Web Shield - Scans each  URL that loads on your browser and warns if they are malware infected.

~ Firewall - Stop hackers from running unhealthy apps to gain access to your phone. (works only on rooted phones)

~ Stealth Mode - Makes the app invisible, creating complexities for thieves to detect and remove.

~ SIM card change notification - Get notified when new unauthorised SIM card is inserted. (you can authorize SIM cards)

~ Remote Controlling features - Control your phone through SMS commands! On theft, activate Siren, lock the phone, locate phone location through Wi-Fi, GPS or mobile network, remotely wipe all the contents of your phone including SMS/MMS. You can remotely send SMS from your phone to another phone! All the anti-theft settings can also be changed remotely.

You can find the complete set of SMS commands here. Click here to download Avast Free Mobile Security. Still, what are you waiting for ?!

John 'Dr. Hot Licks' Taylor - The Fastest Guitarist in the World!

Ever wondered who is the fastest guitarist in the world and how fast he plays the guitar ? Answer for this question is John Taylor and the speed at which he plays the guitar is 620 beats per minute (bpm) ! John 'Dr. Hot Licks' Taylor is the fastest guitarist alive, certified by Guinness World Records offcials.

John Taylor, a 28 year old music teacher from Westminister, Colorado achieved a blazing speed of 620 bpm while playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsokov, at the Olympian City Shopping mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on new year's eve.

At that speed, it is impossible to verify the correctness of the music. Moreover it feels just like listening to a random videogame sound effect than music. But the slow motion video revealed that John was successful in achieving 10.2 beats per second, without a single error ! He broke his own record of playing guitar at 600 bpm. 

John Taylor had a dream of becoming the fastest guitarist in the world, shorlty after picking up the guitar at the age of 13. He used to practice 'The flight of the Bumblebee' for an hour everyday, despite of the hand cramps he had to experience. He use specially designed picks with angled tips that help smooth transitions between the strings of his guitar. Finally his years of practice has been rewarded. He is trying to go even faster and thinks that he could reach at least 800 bpm!

The Guinness officials have set 'The flight of the Bumblebee', a century old, famous and complex composition,  as a standard for fastest guitarist record to avoid record aspirants going through a single note.

Wang Zhonghua - The man with Iron arms !

Practice makes man Perfect! There is nothing on this earth a man can't achieve with practice. When will power gets together with practice, one can make wonders! Here is a man from China who stands as a proof to above said words.

Wang Zhonghua is the Guinness World Record holder for maintaining human flag for longest duration. Wang successfully maintained his body to form a human flag for a duration of 1 min 5.71 seconds to win the title. Thousands of people witnessed this immense display of upper body strength on the set of CCTV Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 15 August 2011. Watch Wang Zhonghua showcasing his iron arms in the below video.

The previous record was also in the name of Wang. He had maintained human flag for 56 seconds on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 21 December 2010. Wang improved his previous record by adding roughly 10 more seconds to the duration.

Ten seconds may look small but here it has a great weight. Wang Zhonghua is really a man with Iron arms, isn't he ?!

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