Iris - Siri of your Android !

Want to have Siri, but don't have an iPhone ? Now you can have Siri on your Android ! Well, not exactly but Iris, a voice activated personal assistant like Siri is now available for your Android.

Iris, said to be acronym for "Intelligent rival imitation of Siri", is an Android alternative for iPhone's Siri. Iris was developed in an 8 hour hackathon by the Dexetra team ! Iris is exactly the reverse of Siri, and is meant to be the same ! The app makers themselves say that Iris is inspired from the iPhone feature Siri, which interacts with you in voice.

Now you can ask Iris instead of searching the Internet for information. Ranging from philosophy, culture, history, science, to General conversation, Iris has proved to work decently. You can ask Iris to call someone from your contact list, search internet, or text someone. There will be some humorous answers if Iris doesn't understand you right !

It has been a hit on Android Market for some extent. You can download Iris to your Android here. But please note that you need to have 'Voice Search' and 'TTS library' installed in your phone for Iris to work.  It can answer most of your straight forward questions, but fail at contextual scenario.

When compared with Siri, Iris is too weak to compete against Siri. But not to forget, Iris is still in alpha and not brushed up well, like Siri. In coming days, Iris would prove challenging to Siri and that's for Sure ! There are many other Siri imitators for Android, one notable app among them is Skyvi, you can try that too.

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