GoldPlus Nano - Rs 22 Crore worth car by Tata Group !

Tata Motors, the world's cheapest car maker has written a new history in Automotive industry by unveiling its GoldPlus Nano car, which is now the world's first ever gold jewellery car ! People of Mumbai eye witnessed the launch of this car, worth Rs 22 crore [nearly $14 million], on September 19, 2011 !

GoldPlus Nano car is built to celebrate 5,000 years of jewellery making industry in India and is made up of 80 kg 22 carat gold and 15 kg silver, with many precious gemstones ! At least 14 different kinds of jewellery making techniques have been used to design this car, to symbolize the diverse and culturally distinctive jewellery art in India.

Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group had attended the ceremony to launch GoldPlus Nano, which is contrary to Nano car costing around Rs 1.2 lakh.

This car is not for sale ! Though this car is fully functional and valued at Rs 22 crore, Tata Group has decided to use this car for promotional purpose. This car will travel to all the GoldPlus showrooms at 29 locations around the country.

Boeing's New Airplane - ANA 787 Dreamliner is now a reality !

After years of long waiting, Boeing's ANA 787 Dreamliner is now available for commercial service ! With taking its first flight on 28 September 2011, this super efficient airplane is ready to enter into the service.

The first ANA 787 Dreamliner was delivered to All Nippon Airways [ANA] of Japan and will start serving domestically from 26 October 2011. The 787-8 Dreamliner will carry 210-250 passengers on routes of around 14,500 kilometers, whlie 787-9 Dreamliner will carry 250-290 passengers on routes of  around 15,000 kilometers.

787 consumes nearly 20% less fuel than other airplanes in its range, providing with greater fuel efficiency and exceptional environmental performance. Passengers will also notice a better interior environment, comfort and convenience.

New technologies have been incorporated in 787 Dreamliner for its unmatched performance. 50% of the primary structure including fuselage and wings are made up of composite materials, which contribute to its lightweight. New engines from General Electric and Rolls-Royce are used on the 787 Dreamliner. It also features large electronically dimmable windows.

The 787 program was started in April 2004 and was set to be delivered by 2008. But a series of glitches in between delayed the program that cost Boeing billions of dollars ! But since the start of the 787 program, Boeing has got orders from 56 customers for 821 airplanes, valued at $145 billion !!

Now it is a big challenge for Boeing to deliver these 821 airplanes in time.

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