Is facebook stalking you ? - your privacy might be under threat !

With lot of privacy issues still revolving around Facebook, a new shocking news about facebook has hit the Internet ! According to an Australian Technologist, facebook is tracking every web page you visit online, even when you are logged out of facebook !

Nik Cubrilovic, a Technologist from Wolloongong has claimed that, when the user log out of facebook, rather than deleting tracking cookies, facebook slightly modifies the cookies, maintaining personally identifiable information of its users. This in turn, when you visit any web page with facebook button or widget, browser sends information about your online activity to facebook.

Nik has revealed his discovery through a blog post. The only solution to stop facebook from tracking your online activity is to delete every facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate dedicated browser for facebook.

This is a major issue as almost all websites use facebook buttons or widgets ! If you are using public terminals to access facebook, your privacy is almost nill ! He has said that he tried to contact facebook on his discovery but got no reply from facebook team.

Instead of clearly stating what user information they collect and use, facebook is taking advantage of users' negligence in reading privacy policy. After all, who has time to read loads of pages of legal documentation ?

Whatever the issue might be, it seems like people are so addicted to facebook that they are not bothered about the problems these issues could lead to !

Zomato - your search for best local restaurant should end here !

Are you searching for the best local restaurant to dine out this weekend ? Bored of same food & willing to try something different ? Or want to know what's happening around you and be a part of it ? If your answer is yes for any one of these questions, Look no further, Zomato.Com is the perfect place for you!

"Zomato is all about food and lifestyle and where you can find the best of it." - This is what the 'Zomato People' proudly say about their service.

Yes, Zomato.Com is an online food portal & lifestyle guide with a huge restaurant directory. Zomato covers ten major cities across the country; Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Started in July 2008 with only 500 restaurant listings in Delhi NCR, today, Zomato is the largest food portal in India with more than 17000 restaurant listings !

Zomato lists menus, ratings and contact details for all listed restaurants. Restaurants are reviewed by editorial team as well as the real food lovers, just like you ! Thus helping you to decide the best restaurant in town. They have recently added events section which provides complete information about events happening around you.

Let me quickly point out three things I loved about Zomato.Com :

~ Complete information about all restaurants listed. With general info and contact details, get the view of menu card as well as inside view of the restaurant through photos !

 ~ Easy to Search - Explore restaurants around the city by cuisine, location and your mood.

 ~ Access on the go - Have iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Nokia ? Dedicated app is available for these devices ! Or just go to on any phone to access Zomato, it is that simple !

And here are the three things that I would like Zomato.Com to introduce :

 ~ Too much of information on a single web page makes it look messy. So, using drop down menus and reducing information could make page look better.

 ~ Personalisation - Suggestions based on user favorites.

 ~ Available app for google chrome is just a shortcut. A full fledged app is much desired [ like BBC good food ].

Get connected with Zomato on Facebook and Twitter. So, where are you heading to party this weekend ? ;)

Georgia Aquarium - The Largest Aquarium in the World !

It is like an ocean come into the city, Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta (US) is the largest Aquarium in the World. Georgia Aquarium has the capacity to hold more than ten million gallons of water and features more than 100,000 sea creatures belonging to 500 kinds of species !

This huge aquarium was made available to public on November 23, 2005. It was a gift to City of Atlanta by bernie Marcus, co-founder of 'The Home Depot'. Marcus donated $250 million to build this mega structure, which covers twenty acres of vast land.

Georgia Aquarium is not just a aquarium, but is a high tech hub with many more features like 4D Theater, vast ball room and correll center for aquatic animal health, etc. One of the major goals of this Aquarium is to be a leading centre for animal conservation and research. To date, Georgia Aquarium has attracted more than 11 million visitors around the world !

If you are ready to spend a decent sum, you can arrange your marriage, birthday party, meetings, or any other special event there ! They have educational programs for all ages to make learning a joyful experience.
The people of Georgia Aquarium are dedicated  to their vision to be the world's most engaging aquarium experience.

Chris Walton - Woman with Longest Finger Nails in the World !

Could you let your finger nails grow longer than you ? like, almost double than your height ? If you say it is impossible, you are absolutely wrong ! A woman from Las Vegas has made this possible !

Chris Walton, a 45 year old woman from Las Vegas hasn't clipped her nails for last 18 years ! And now these finger nails measure 10ft 2in on her left hand and 9ft 7in on her right hand, winning her the title 'Woman with Longest nails in the World' !

 After 18 years, finally her care for nails has paid off. She was officially announced as record holder for longest nails by the Guinness spokesperson, Stuart Claxton, at a New York city event, where her spectacular finger nails, polished with shiny golden yellow were displayed to public.

Claxton called Ms Walton a 'Unique Beauty' while presenting her with the Guinness World Record Certificate.

The previous record holder was from Salt Lake city named Ms. Lee Redmond, whose nails measured 28 feet in total ! But unfortunately, she lost her nails in a car accident in 2009, which proved fortunate for Chris Walton.

Chris Walton is a professional singer. It is not so easy to take care of these long nails, a little recklessness could cause breakage of these nails. Work becomes lot more difficult to do, from opening door to texting on a mobile phone. Yet, she does make up on her own and text on mobile phone using her knuckles.

As she mentioned, getting change out of her pocket is one of the most difficult task she had to face. But she has managed it well for last 18 years and now, after winning the Guinness world record title, she is planning to get rid of these nails but want to do it slowly as she is used to 'naily life' !

When Design and Technology meet Future - Jaguar C-X16 !

Auto car giant Jaguar has unveiled a new concept car named C-X16, which is said to be a perfect blend of sensational design and futuristic technology. C-X16 is designed using traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive formula with performance in mind.

This system is based on a prototype supercharged all-alloy V6 engine which produces 375HP (280 kW) and 332 lb-ft of torque from the capacity of 3.0 litre. Powered with eight speed gearbox, C-X16 can cross 100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds. The anodized aluminium, rich piano blacks, dark chrome and carbon fiber are used for bodywork which have a great impact on car's look and performance. Interior design is too sporty with vermillion red and incorporated with futuristic technology like miniature OLED touchscreens and complete smartphone integration through 'connect and view' system.

Intelligent ventilating system will adjust the cabin temperature automatically to keep you comfortable through long journeys. Interior aspects can be kept hidden or open, anytime, as you like ! The intelligent start/stop technology helps to start or stop the car at an eye blink, which leads to faster recovery and seamless performance !

The V6 engine also uses the same light weight aluminium architecture, which also feature second generation 'Direct Injection Fueling System' with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. This car uses liquid cooling system to prevent heat buildups and performance loss.

Jaguar C-X16 has all the features of a sport car, but mainly designed to meet your everyday usage needs. I loved the rear-end look, which I think, is too sexy ! what do you say ? ;)

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