Nokia C2-03 - Touch, Type, Dual SIM & more !

Nokia's entry into dual SIM mobile market has got stronger by the launch of new Nokia C2-03 ! With this new phone, enjoy the dual SIM functionality with touch and type technology.

Nokia C2-03 is the third phone by Nokia to use Touch & Type Technology, but first one with dual SIM. With 'Easy Swap' Technology, SIM can be inserted without removing battery and no need of switching off the phone ! This phone is enough smart to remember settings for up to 5 different SIM cards, which means, personalize once and no need to set things again next time !

This slide phone weighing just 118g has 240x320 screen resolution, capable of displaying up to 65k colours. Even though light weighted, it is too thick and not an ideal stylish phone. Battery lasts for 5 hours of talk time or 35 hours of music playback (I doubt that !). Nokia maps is pre loaded and accessible offline, costing you nothing !
Take beautiful photos with its 2MP camera. In built memory of 10 MB is available, which I think, is quite low. But no worries, storage memory is expandable up to 32 GB, so you never run out of space while taking photos or shooting videos !

Nokia C2-03 is a series 40 powered phone and hence feature the newly released Nokia Browser, which compresses all the data before it reaches your phone, thus creating a better, faster and a cost-effective web experience for you !

This colourful phone is available in India, China, Eurasia and other parts of Asia. It costs just $100 or Rs.5000, making it a perfect choice for your next phone :)

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