Big Splash -World's most expensive dog !

Dogs are the most common pet we all own. They are known for their unarguable loyalty and love for his master. Human beings have a long relationship with dogs and are friends through all walks of life. There are many breeds of dogs which are distinct in their own way. So, how much would you pay for your favorite dog ?

A decent sum of $5,000 could be considered as maximum for a smart dog. But a Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy named Big Splash, or Hong Dong in Chinese, has been sold for whopping $1.5 million, making it the world's most expensive dog ! This dog was 11 months old, 3 feet tall, weighed 180 lbs, when it was sold, back in march this year. Before this dog, it was another Tibetan mastiff, named Yangtze river number two, which was titled as costliest dog in the world.

The owner of this dog feels that the price is justified. But does this dog really worth that money ? well, it is not a reasonable sum to pay for a dog. Tibetan Mastiffs are big, strong, and fierce. They have been used from centuries as guard dogs in Tibetian Plateau. They are also said to be one among the world's oldest breeds. All these things really doesn't match for such a huge price. But recently, rich chinese people are treating Tibetan Mastiff as a status symbol. This has led to increase in the cost of these dogs from 5,000 yaun to millions.

Even though Tibetan Mastiff is world's most expensive dog, it is German Shephard, which is the most preffered dog around the world. They are intelligent, smart, strong and can be trained for every kind of task. They respond quickly to the situation and are extremely friendly to his master. When taken on average, German Shephard are really expensive compared to all other breeds. They are sold for as high as $25,000 !

Another breed which is quite expensive, but looks so cool is "chow chow". Yes, it has a catchy name, but that is not all, it is beautiful too ! This small, chubby dog is sold anywhere around $5,000. If you are ready to pay for beauty, this dog would be a great choice.

Buying these dogs may not be a great task, but taking care of them is ! They demand care, worth 3 times their cost price, every year ! So, think wise before you make a desicion. Because if all you need is a friendly dog, almost every dog on the earth is of a great choice !

Thank god, human beings are not sold for money, so we could consider ourselves priceless ;)

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