Apple's Mac now with OS X Lion & Thunderbolt I/O !

Apple has now introduced new MacBook Air and Mac mini with OS X Lion ! With over 250 new features, Apple is about to set a new trend. Another speciality about these new Mac computers is, they feature Thunderbolt I/O Technology!

It is really difficult to mention all those 250 features here, but it is even more difficult to choose only few features to mention here as every new feature is exceptional in their own way! Yet, I'm going to mention top seven features that I liked the most in OS X lion.

*  AirDrop - Simplest way to share files wirelessly with other Mac users around you with no network connection. Just drag and drop files to share. No setup or special configuration required. OS X Lion automatically discover Mac users around you. Files are encrypted using TLS and firewall protection helps you keep the connection secure. Your privacy is important, so you can turn off finder window easily or cancel transfer with a click.

*  FaceTime - Why just hear voice when you can see them in high definition ? Now you can make video calls to other Intel based Mac computers, iPad 2, iPhone 4, or even latest iPod Touch ! With built-in FaceTime HD camera, video clarity is just the best you can get than reality ! Automatic switching between landscape and portrait depending on the mobile device you are calling. You can turn off FaceTime at anytime.

*  FileVault 2 - Now entire drive of your Mac is encrypted by Filevault 2 which uses XTS-AES 128 encryption to keep your data secured ! All this happens at blazing speed and you can continue working as the drive gets encrypted. It also supports encryption of external USB and FireWire drives.

*  Multi-Touch Gestures - Your every finger gesture finds a meaning in your new Mac. Tap, Pinch, Swipe and do more. Fluid animations make you feel your gestures more responsive, as like your fingers are on screen!

*  Windows Migration - Migrate all information on your old windows PC to new Mac. All your contacts, emails accounts, photos in Picasa, are transfered  with no pain and put to work with appropriate applications.

*  Screen Sharing - This awesome feature lets you log in remotely to any account on your Mac without interuppting someone else using it under different log in ! Take your screen sharing applications full screen for better view and control.

*  Resume Apps or even System - Now when you launch apps, they will be resumed as you had left them., even the cursor position and highlighted text comes back ! Do the same with System when you restart and everything you had left comes live, so you can start working immediately. You can choose to clean start after restart for fresh desktop.

Now let me tell something about Thunderbolt I/O and Apple Thunderbolt Display.

Thunderbolt Technology lets you move data between device and your computer at unimaginable speed. With two channels of 10 Gbps throughput in both directions, data transfer takes place 20 times faster than USB 2.0 or 12 times faster than FireWire 800 ! You can connect upto six devices through a single compact port built right into your display !

With In-Plane Switching technology, Thunderbolt display looks brilliant from every angle ! Thunderbolt is not just about videos, it also delivers a supreme audio too. With built-in sub woofers, Games, Movies and Music comes live! Ambient Light Sensor adjust Thunderbolt display brightness intelligently. Choose the viewing angle from -5 degrees to 25 degrees that suits you the best.

Transform your new Mac notebook into a complete desktop workstation with Apple Thunderbolt Display! This 27 inch widescreen display with LED backlight technology gives you a panoramic viewing experience. This display comes with an astonishing resolution of 2560x1440 ! Built-in FaceTime HD camera and microphone let you make video calls by connecting your new Mac, open or closed ! Or just take few snapshots using Photo Booth.

If you have purchased Mac after 6th June 2011 without OS X Lion, you can upgrade to Lion for free ! See Apple website if your Mac qualify for the free upgrade or not. And note that this offer ends on 19th of August 2011. So hurry up !!    


Electro Man - Indian super human immune to electricity !

Some People have ability to do more than what a normal human being can do. As normal human beings, we are limited in what we can do, but there are some people, who can do extra-ordinary things, which always put us in wonder. Such people are rightly called as 'Super Humans' and here is a man whose body is immune to high voltage electricity !

While thousands of people around the world die because of electric accidents, Raj Mohan Nair, an Indian super human, can withstand large currents of electricity with no harms caused ! Normally, a fraction of one ampere could kill an average man, but Raj Mohan can conduct 10 ampere of current through his body !

His body is said to be ten times more resistant to electricity than normal human being's body. There is a story behind how he found out this super power inside him. When his mom died, Raj Mohan broke down and decided to die. So he went to hold a high tension wire of an active transformer. On holding the live wire, nothing happened in real! He himself was shocked by this incident and came to know about his resistance power.

He wraps exposed wires around his body, and electricity flows from main plug, through his body, to electric bulbs, iron plates, mixer grinders etc, but he suffer no electric shock. 

This kind of things happen rarely and not everyone can do this. Raj Mohan's body has a high resistance power which, no normal human posses. So please don't try this at home, 'cause your Life is precious :) 


Smart Search - Awesome Feature of Google Chrome!

There are many awesome features that makes Google Chrome the best web browser available. But one feature that makes Google Chrome a smart browser is its 'Smart Search' ! Wonder what is so smart about search feature of Chrome ? It is not just about searching from Address bar, but searching your favorite site from Address bar !

This is a less known feature of Chrome and only a few users know about this cool and awesome feature. I called it 'Smart Search' because your Chrome browser learn what you teach ! Wonder how ? Just go to your favorite website and search for anything. That's it, next time you don't need to visit that website for searching purpose, Chrome lets you search directly from its Address bar !

Let me explain this clearly with an example. Think you have to search for a linkin park music video on youtube. Visit and search for the desired video, say 'Linkin park Crawling'. Next time when you want to search for videos on youtube, just type [if you have enabled instant search, no need to type completely] in Address bar, press tab or space, enter your search query, and press Enter. That's all, search results for linkin park videos on youtube are in front of your eyes !

This works on almost all websites like, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon, Bing, Google, Wikipedia, ebay, etc ! So, whether you want to search for a facebook friend, flickr photo, stuff on Amazon, or music on, search it all from your Address bar! All you have to do is just search directly from the website for the first time. From the very next time, Google Chrome takes care of everything.

Isn't that Smart about Google Chrome ? ;)

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Use tinyURL's Preview Feature to secure your Twitter Account !

Link shortners are now used extensively on web. They are good for websites with character limit, like Twitter. They are even useful outside twitter. But spammers and hackers are using this useful tool to trap novice users on social networking sites.

As I have seen, TinyURL is the most used link shortner by spammers and hackers. There is a strong reason for this! Have you ever noticed that, link shortend using TinyURL don't expand to original site on hovering your mouse cursor on it, but most of the other services do ?!

Yes, TinyURLs won't expand to original site on hovering mouse cursor, which helps hackers to hide the evil URLs from users ! Without knowledge, if you click on those links, you are inviting danger! After getting infamous for this cause, TinyURL has now taken steps to avoid this.

Now you can preview URL (or let us call it Web Address) of original site before going to that site. All you have to do is, go to, click on 'preview feature' [found on left sidebar of the homepage] and click on 'click here to enable previews'. That's it, now, everytime when you click on a TinyURL link, you will be taken to TinyURL website and original link will be revealed. First of all, your browser cookies must be enabled.

Even though this doesn't secure your twitter account completely, it allows you to decide whether to go to the original website or not, thus reducing possible traps :)

Booming Internet !

With the rapid development in Technology, Internet is becoming a basic need for human life. Internet has immensely helped Globalization. Over a decade, Internet users around the world have increased by nearly 5 times ! There are around 2.1 billion Internet users in the World by the end of may, 2011.

So here is a list of top 10 countries with highest number of Internet users*:

1.  People's Republic of China                               477,000,000

2.  United States of America                                245,000,000

3.  India                                                           100,001,000

4.  Japan                                                           99,144,000

5.  Brazil                                                            75,944,000

6.  Germany                                                       65,124,000

7.  Russia                                                           59,700,000

8.  United Kingdom                                              51,422,000

9.  France                                                          45,262,000

10. Nigeria                                                         43,982,000

Here is a list of top 10 countries with high penetration [% of  Population] of Internet** :

1.  Netherlands                                                  88.3%

2.  United Kingdom                                            82.0%

3.  South Korea                                                  80.9%

4.  Germany                                                      79.9%

5.  Canada                                                        79.2%

6.  Japan                                                          78.4%

7.  Australia                                                      78.3%

8.  United States of America                                78.2%

9.  Taiwan                                                        70.0%

10. France                                                        69.5%

Source: InternetWorldStats
* List is based on the statistics provided by InternetWorldStats for the first quarter of 2011.
** Only Countries with more than 10 million users are considered for the list.


'Read Later Fast' for Chrome - Offline reading made easy !

Time is very much important, but matters around us too ! Most of us save web pages for offline reading, it may be to save time or for future reference. But as the number of saved pages increase, it becomes an headache to manage them. Moreover, sometimes images won't be saved, which kills the beauty of webpages. So, to ease your work, use 'Read Later Fast' !

Read Later Fast is a must have app for your Google Chrome. It manages all your saved web pages in an archieve for offline viewing. The web pages are saved as you see them online. With this app's great user interface, you can read saved pages as slideshow in original or clean-text format, choice is yours! It also reduces the number of tabs opened, thus increasing the browsing speed.

Want to access all your saved web pages on different computers ? Sync your data on and you're done ! To save web pages, all you have to do is Right-Click on the web page you want to save and select 'Read Later'.

This app is used by 100,000+ Chrome users and has a 5 out of 5 star rating. Install Read Later Fast now !


The World Bodypainting Festival - Celebrate Colors!

This world is miraculous and marvelous! Diversity is the beauty of this world. And festivals are colors to human life. Here is a festival for colors, the "World Bodypainting Festival" !

The World Bodypainting festival is an International body painting event, held every year since 1998, near the lake Worthersee, Portschach, Austria. This colorful event is a perfect blend of art, music and fashion, which provides a international stage for artists to display their body art. Deemed as the world's most colourful event, the festival week runs from 27th June to 3rd July every year. The first three days are dedicated for workshop classes and lectures on bodypainting and the next three days for the spectacular show.

Every year, around 40 artists worldwide participate in this unique event to display their body art in front of thousands of visitors. The Bodypainting awards are presented to the winners of this international championship in six categories. 

Apart from the main categories, the night contest award called "World Fluoro Award" is also presented. Models are painted with fluoroscent colors and lit up with backlight on stage with spectacular effects. This year, awards were also presented in face painting category. 

Even though this festival is concentrated on body art, visitors are presented with music by international music groups and top DJs, before and after the show. With different themes every year, this event is gaining international reputation and attracting artists from around the world. 


Beware of phishing on Twitter and Facebook !

I just got a direct message (DM) on twitter today and it was like, "Tell me if this blog is about you?". The messages may be different, like, "This gotta be you in this picture?", but link remains same. At the first look itself, I found out it to be a spam. I had even seen such links on facebook. So I didn't click on that link.

But when I looked at my timeline, I saw many people complaining about such DMs and this caught my interest. So I decided to take risk and click on that link. At first, I hovered the mouse cursor on that link, but that didn't expand to the original site. That confirmed it to be a spam [I just wonder why most of them use tinyurl, a URL shortner service]. But I had to take risk. So, I cleared all my browser cookies first to secure other services I use. Then I copied the link and pasted onto new tab and was ready to go.

Now I clicked on that link and it took me to a webpage looking similar to twitter login page [if you use Google Chrome, you will be warned before entering that page! Read my other post about why Google Chrome is the best web browser! ]. Everything what you see on twitter login page was present there, but for my wonder, the address of that webpage was !! Many novice and average internet users really think that it is twitter and just enter their username and password and click on sign in. If you do that, your twitter account would then be compromised !

When you click on sign in button, the data you entered will be then sent to a PHP script, hosted on some unknown server, for processing. That means, your username and password will be saved by that script and you will be redirected to original twitter as usual! You never come to know about the password theft! You may get this kind of messages from your friends. And if you get one, sadly, your friend's account has been compromised. Many of my fellow followers are already victims of this trick. After gaining access to your account, hackers may use your account to trick your followers with similar links, or they would completely lock your account from you!

Most of the evil hackers use social networking sites to trap users to give out their credentials. Reason is not a surprise, social networking sites are widespread and even a novice user can use them without any difficulty. So please avoid clicking on any such links and be safe on web :)


Japan's Takabisha - the Steepest Roller Coaster in the World !

After its first public test ride, the Takabisha roller-coaster at Fuji-Q highland Amusement Park, Fujiyoshida in Japan has now been recognized as the world's steepest roller-coaster by Guinness World Records Officials!

Installed at the foot of Mount Fuji, Takabisha roller-coaster track is 0.6 miles long. It features seven stomach-churning twists and and a 43 meter (141 feet) drop at an inclination of 121 degrees, thus making it the steepest roller-coaster drop on earth!

On descending from this height, the carriage enter the steepest drop at the height of 95 feet, taking less than 0.4 seconds to complete the record breaking stretch of this fun ride. A single breathtaking ride on this track ends after 112 seconds. Park owners have spent whopping $35 million on this 'steel snake' and will be made public from 16th of July.

The previous world record for steepest roller-coaster was in the name of Mumbo Jumbo roller-coaster at Flamingo land in North Yorkshire, which has a vertical fall from 98 feet at 112 degree inclination.

Takabisha, when translated to English, becomes 'high flying car'. This track lives upto its name, also offering riders to fill their eyes with the beautiful views of nearby Fuji mountains, only if you can bear the composure of this breathtaking ride! ;)


Make Money Online - Truth and Lies !

Now a days, Money has become so important like never before. With the ever growing population, unemployment has also rocketted to sky. So, how would it be, if you can earn hundreds of dollars from home, just with your PC ? Sounds cool, right ?

Everyday when you go online, most of the websites will have advertisements like, earn $3000 - $8000 per day !, I made $500 today with my PC !, Become your own boss and earn dollars, ect. Some advertisers even use big names on the market like Google and advertise as "Google has paid me $173 today !". We have to believe, at least because of Google.

As your attention falls on such ads, you click on that link, after all everyone loves money [if it comes with feasibility of working at home, who don't ?]. Then you reach a website which promises to help you make money. They show you proofs, reviews and thousands of positive comments. When you come to know that many world famous news channels and websites have quoted out these Home based Jobs, you are ready to give it a try !

So, as a first step, they ask you to pay some money,around $30. Who do really care for an initial investment of $30, when you can earn thousands of dollars later in time ? You will pay that money, they give you an ebook to study, which is said to reveal secrets of Internet Marketing. But once you read the ebook, you will come to know that it is a fraud !

Then what happened to all the proofs you saw ?! Sorry, but the proofs what you had seen before were not legimate ! Positive reviews and comments ?!! All these are just a part of the trick they played on you !! What you can do next ? NOTHING !!

There are many websites which offer you to take surveys from home and earn money. They promise to help you earn hundreds of dollars once you pay them enrollment fees of $20 or $30. If you simply pay with no second thought, you are trapped !

I'm not telling that you can't earn money from internet. You can, but never dream of $1000 (not even as a monthly pay !). You can earn from $1 to $4 a month from some websites. But I suggest you not to go for any such tasks. Better use the same time to learn something useful, that really pays you off. If any website promises you to earn a 3 figure income or more, truly it is a scam ! And if Google had such Jobs, why wouldn't they publish those ads on their own websites ?

A study has revealed that many American freelancers are working for as low as 25 cents per hour ! Have they gone mad to work for such a low income when they can earn lot of money just by taking surveys at home ? Remember one thing, truth is bitter to taste, umemployment is forcing them to work for such a low income. Money has a value. If you and me can earn in thousands without any special knowledge, there would have been no poverty on this earth.

Instead of losing your money on such scams, spend that money and time to learn something useful. If you are specialized in any work and have knowledge, you can earn money at any time of your life. Be safe, be happy :)


Laugh, it costs nothing - 3 Patients & the Doctor :)

Life with full of happiness is everyone's dream. But we tend to forget that happiness is something which is not available in market. We try to find happiness in money, relationships take second place or almost neglected. Why do we need money ? To fulfill our necessities and then desires. But our desires keep on growing and finally we end up without actually living life !

A mother is happy looking at her baby, an Adventurer is happy taking risks, a Photographer is happy with beauty. But what you know ? A mother is not happy with taking risks, an Adventurer is not happy with beauty, he seeks adventure ! A Photographer is not intended to take risks ! Your happiness depends on how you feel and look at things.

Happiness is an eternal feeling which is inside us. One great man has said, "To be happy, just be", which is a universal truth. But we need a reason to be happy. After all, we are social animals, we can't laugh without a reason [Unless we are ready to accept the title "mad" !]. So here is a joke, to make you laugh and give some exercise to your facial muscles ;)

One morning at a hospital, a patient arrived to the doctor with serious back-pain. The doctor examined him and asked, "Well, what happened to your back?".

The patient replied, "I work for a local night club. This morning, I was back home early, on the 3rd floor of the apartment, and heard a noise from my bedroom. On entering, I heard like someone had been with my wife and the balcony door was open. I rushed out to the balcony door and found no one there. As I looked down from the balcony, I saw a man running out and he was dressing himself. I grabbed the fridge and threw it at him, That's how I strained my back".

After the first patient's departure, 2nd patient arrived to doctor, looking as if he has been in a car wreck. The doctor said, "My previous patient was looking bad, but you look terrible.What the hell happened to you?"

He replied, "You know, I have been unemployed for a while now .Today was the first day at my new job. I forgot to set my alarm and was running late. I was running out of the building, getting dressed at the same time, and you won't believe it but I was hit by a fridge !!"

The 3rd patient arrived; he looked even worse than the other two patients did. The doctor felt so sad of his condition. Again asked, "What the hell happened to you.... .?!!"

Third patient opened his mouth, "Well I was sitting in a fridge & someone threw it from the 3rd floor" !!

Laugh, it costs nothing :)


You are under attack - Be safe on Twitter !

Recently, twitter has become a favorite places for evil hackers. Someone follows you and you simply follow back just because they follow you. Then you get a direct message like, "hey check out who is stalking you on Twitter, visit install app, works great". If you simply click without a second thought, your account is now compromised !

Yes, there are many such tricks, which bots [yes, they are not actually people, but automated programs] use to exploit your twitter accounts. Link shortners are their weapons. Sometimes, someone unknown tweet you with a link. But that link actually allow the bot to access cookies stored in your browser ! That is really dangerous because, not only your twiiter account, but all the websites you might have visited like, facebook, tumblr,yahoomail, gmail, ect would be hacked !

Some of the most used tweets to trick you are listed below. [Few are harmless, but useless and just spam].

> Wow, getting TONS of followers from this program. Can't believe it, check it out

> Become your own boss, work from home, part-time --

> I made $800 yesterday from pc, check out how quiting my job now lol

> hey check out who is stalking you on Twitter, visit install app, works great [Dangerous !!]

> i got cheap medication online without a prescription...

> [extremely dangerous !! This links to http://redirect.php/?cookies=true , that is to cookies in your browser ! It simply then redirects to a website named and you never come to know about stolen cookies of your browser !!]

> OMFG! I just received a F R E E iPhone 4 from JUST submitting my email! Go to this site for yours: [ These kind of links normally take you to porn related websites !]

> I just received a F R E E MacBookPro from this site! Get yours here: :P

Avoid clicking on such links, if you encounter any. If someone tweet you and have no followers and followings, they are bots and block such accounts. Click only on the links tweeted by someone you trust and before clicking, hover your mouse cursor on the link to see where it redirects. If it just show the same link, click at your own risk !

If you get such Direct Messages or tweets, even from your friends, think your friend's account has been compromised ! So inform them about this before fighting with them. If your account is compromised but still have access to your account, change your password. If you have lost the access, create a new profile and report the old account as spam.[This has to be done at the expense of losing your followers !]

Prevention is better than cure. So be careful before clicking on such links. Be safe, be happy :)


New Milestone by Hubble Space Telescope !

On April 24, 1990, Discovery's STS-31 space shuttle was launched to place one of the world's largest space telescopes into earth's orbit. That was a dream mission. And now, after 21 years of its epic journey, Hubble has reached a new milestone by crossing 1 millionth science observation !

Hubble is a project of international co-operation between NASA and European Space Agency. This huge space telescope has served as a premier space observatory from last two decades. Hubble's discoveries has revolutionized every area of astronomical research. It detected the first organic molecule discovered on a planet outside our solar system. It has also helped the scientists to learn how the birth of planets takes place.

With its stunning cosmic imageries, Hubble has played a ground breaking role in Astronomical Researches. On monday, July 4th, Hubble logged its 1 millionth science observation while searching for water in a planet, 1,000 light years away from us. This millionth observation was made on a gas giant planet, named HAT-P-7b or Kepler-2b, which is larger than our Jupiter. This observation is a spectroscopic measurement, where light is divided into its component colors, which can reveal the chemical composition of cosmic sources.

This space observatory has collected around 50 TeraBytes of data till today ! Two years back, Hubble had undergone a series of repairs and upgrades by astronauts and a Wide Field Camera 3 was installed on may 2009, using which, this millionth observation has been made. Scientists are searching for water vapours on this giant planet. If it is found, Hubble is going to add another jewel to its crown.


World Population day 2011, 7 billion actions campaign to kick off !

So, 11th of July is here ! If you are still wondering what is so special about July 11, on July 11, 1987, world population reached 5 billion. In the memory of this event, July 11 of every year is celebrated as world population day.

Now we have came through 24 years after reaching that mark of 5 billion and are near to 7 billion ! Which means that the world population is doubling every 50 years ! As every year, UNFPA has launched a new campaign called "7 billion actions". This campaign is aiming at engaging people, spur commitment, and spark actions about new opportunities and challanges we have to face in this world of 7 billion people.

As we are near to that day, let us take a look at some interesting facts about World Population.

> The Present world population is 6.976 billion [as of July 8,2011].

> 60% of the world population is contributed by Asia alone.

> Nearly 40% of the world population is from India and China !

> Every day, 360,000 new babies are added to world population.

> Every year, 140 million births occur around the world.

> Every day, 165,000 people are facing death around the world.

> Every year, 60 million deaths occur around the world.

> Net Population growth of the world is 200,000 per day.

> Around 106 billion people have lived on this earth !

At the current growth rate, it is expected that world population would reach 7 billion by October 31st of 2011. With ever growing demand for food and energy supply, population explosion has put forth numerous challenges in front of us. This is the time for us to make a decision, which decides, whether everyone could live a quality and healthy life or not.

There are over 1 billion adult illiterate people in the world. Nearly 1 billion people are undernourished, and another 1 billion have no access to safe drinking water. Every day, 30,000 people die of hunger while we, so called civilized people, waste tons of food and water everyday. 5 million hectares of forest loss has led to the extinction of 150,000 species every year.

Heaven and hell are nowhere but on earth. Now we have to take a decision, which could make this world either heaven or hell. Each and everyone of us are the equal part of this 7 billion milestone. We have to understand our responsibilities and support this campaign by UNFPA to create awareness, especially young generation have to take the leadership of this movement and make it successful.

Spread the word, create awareness, and thus help in creating a better world :)


Goldstream River turned into Green River by Pranksters !

When you look at the photos below, you might think there must be something wrong with this river. Maybe a radioactive disaster ? But it is not ! Pranksters' trick has made this river turn green !

The Goldstream river at Goldstream Provincial Park in Victoria, Canada had turned fluorescent green for an hour on December 29th, 2010. The fountains beside Veterans Memorial Parkway in Langford was also found green. People who visited the park and nature-lovers were scared by this condition of the river. The fear of radioactive disaster spread all over in a while.

So, immediately investigation was launched by the Ministry of Environment Team to find of the reason for this bizzare happening. Soon they found out that it was just, someone had played prank and had dumped "Fluorescein" into the water !

This chemical is a green dye, used to trace contaminants down the drainage systems and for cooling towers in nuclear power plants. The tests proved the chemical non toxic, and people took a relieved breathe then.This river is known for its dramatic salmon runs and eagles, came back to its normal flow after an hour. Luckily, no fishes or animals were found dead.

But Chicago people don't find this unusual ! Beacuse, the Chicago river will be dyed green every year on St.Patrick day. This has been done from last 40 years by a private funded organisation to kickoff weekend celebration.

Anyway, while people at the park held their breath for a while in Canada, Chicago people do it purposely every year for fun ! Diversity is the beauty of this World ;)

Big Splash -World's most expensive dog !

Dogs are the most common pet we all own. They are known for their unarguable loyalty and love for his master. Human beings have a long relationship with dogs and are friends through all walks of life. There are many breeds of dogs which are distinct in their own way. So, how much would you pay for your favorite dog ?

A decent sum of $5,000 could be considered as maximum for a smart dog. But a Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy named Big Splash, or Hong Dong in Chinese, has been sold for whopping $1.5 million, making it the world's most expensive dog ! This dog was 11 months old, 3 feet tall, weighed 180 lbs, when it was sold, back in march this year. Before this dog, it was another Tibetan mastiff, named Yangtze river number two, which was titled as costliest dog in the world.

The owner of this dog feels that the price is justified. But does this dog really worth that money ? well, it is not a reasonable sum to pay for a dog. Tibetan Mastiffs are big, strong, and fierce. They have been used from centuries as guard dogs in Tibetian Plateau. They are also said to be one among the world's oldest breeds. All these things really doesn't match for such a huge price. But recently, rich chinese people are treating Tibetan Mastiff as a status symbol. This has led to increase in the cost of these dogs from 5,000 yaun to millions.

Even though Tibetan Mastiff is world's most expensive dog, it is German Shephard, which is the most preffered dog around the world. They are intelligent, smart, strong and can be trained for every kind of task. They respond quickly to the situation and are extremely friendly to his master. When taken on average, German Shephard are really expensive compared to all other breeds. They are sold for as high as $25,000 !

Another breed which is quite expensive, but looks so cool is "chow chow". Yes, it has a catchy name, but that is not all, it is beautiful too ! This small, chubby dog is sold anywhere around $5,000. If you are ready to pay for beauty, this dog would be a great choice.

Buying these dogs may not be a great task, but taking care of them is ! They demand care, worth 3 times their cost price, every year ! So, think wise before you make a desicion. Because if all you need is a friendly dog, almost every dog on the earth is of a great choice !

Thank god, human beings are not sold for money, so we could consider ourselves priceless ;)


Google Chrome Web Browser - Speed, Secure, Simple !

The Web Browser is one of the most important applications in our computers. It allows us to surf internet, socialize, chat with friends, download stuff, ect. With lots of free browsers available, you have the right to choose good one.

But it is rather a difficult task to determine which browser is the best. Plenty of big names in the browser market like, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, ect., make the choice even more difficult.

Novice and average users normally use the browser shipped with their Operating systems, and they really don't care about other browsers. Yet, Firefox has dominated the browser market for a long time. It is superior in terms of web standards compared to Microsoft's IE. It is always a hassle to update IE (consider yourself lucky, if you haven't gone through one !). In terms of speed, both FF and IE stand equal.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome are similar in nature and provide many cool features. But what makes Google Chrome special from all other browsers ?

Here is why Google Chrome can be considered as the best browser :

> Chrome is light weighted, designed for speed, and hence, starts up in seconds from your desktop and load web pages faster.

> V8, a powerful JavaScript engine helps load complex web apps clean and fast.

> Omni bar, search directly from your address bar, and also get instant suggestions !

> Chrome is the most safest browser available. With Sandbox technology, you are always safe online from malwares and phishing [Even professional hackers have failed to hack Chrome from last 4 years in an international hack fest, while all other browsers are torned apart!] .

> With Streamlined window, arrange and manage tabs quickly, easily. Your eight most recently visited websites available with thumbnails, every time when you open a new tab.

> You don't have to install flash players and all by yourself ! With Autoupdates, you are assured of updated browser with security fixes and new features, every time you launch your Chrome.

> Translate web pages inside your browser, no worries of external addons.

> Chrome features high stability. If a tab freezes or crashes, only that tab will be closed. Other tabs are left unaffected.

> Browse privately with incognito mode. What is special here than other browsers is, you can run incognito mode and public mode simultaneously in different windows !

> Discover thousands of web apps, extensions, and themes on Webstore to get most out of your Chrome browser. Play thousands of Games, specially designed for Chrome !

> Change the look and feel of your browser with thousands of Themes for your Chrome !

> Use Chrome in your local language. It supports more than 100 languages ! [Click here to learn how ?]

Google Chrome is not just a web browser, it is merely an Operating system ! But it depends on how you use it, because web is what you make out of it ;)


How to use Google Chrome in your Local Language ?

If you are here to know how to use Google Chrome in your local Language, Continue reading.. Note that your language may not be supported by Chrome.

To use Google Chrome in your Local Language:

> Click on Settings button, located at the right end of your address bar.[Or type chrome://settings in your address bar].

> Select Options, and click on "Under the Hood".

> Under "web content", Select "Language and Spell Checker Settings".

> Click on Add button, Select your desired language from the drop down menu and click ok.

> Now click on "Display Google Chrome in this Language". [ If this option is not available, sorry, your language is not supported :( ]

> The browser will ask to relaunch for changes to take effect. Click on Relaunch.

Thats it ! You did a great job, Now you can use Google Chrome in your Local Language !

The World's Richest Temple - Treasure unlocked !

You probably have seen this in movies, where, there will be rooms filled with gold and other precoius jewels. Imagination has no limit, But how would you feel to see such a thing in reality ? Well, now it has happened in reality in Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Kerala, India !

Six underground chambers below the temple at Thiruvananthapuram have been found filled with gold and diamonds, which belongs to 18th century. The total value of this treasure is estimated to $22 billion with one room still to be opened ! This temple is now the world's richest temple and has become famous over night.

There were rumours wandering around about treasure inside the temple but no one had dared to demistify the secret. But when a lawyer living at a short distance from the temple stepped into high court of Kerala about theft of treasure, matter started to gain importance. After going through lot of high drama, Supreme Court of India appointed a panel to estimate the value of the treasure. This disclosed the secret of centuries !

On 27th of June one of the six rooms was opened and $400 million valued treasure was found. After opening other four doors, the value of treasure sky rocketted to $22 billion. Still one room left locked and experts are trying to unlock it. Who knows ? Still how much of treasure might be there behind the doors ! You must believe that there is a stones studded golden necklace weighing 10.5 kg !! And a 18 feet long statue of Anantha Padmanabha Swami ( The Lord Vishnu's avataar) has also been found !!

The estimated value is just on the basis of current market rate of gold. But its value in international market would go up by four times because of its antiquity !! Several kgs of golden coins belonging to British East India company and Nepolean period has also been found.

Now everyone are eagerly waiting to know who is going to be the owner of this huge treasure, but meantime, Policemen have a hard time in keeping the treasure safe !


Good & Healthy Food on your Chrome for Food Lovers !

Are you a food junkie ? or simply love good food ? Everyone loves to eat (well, at least we have to eat !). But when it comes to choosing food to fill our stomach, we don't give much importance to healthy food, but for tasty food, we do ! After all, who has time to keep looking at the nutrition table ?

All tasty foods are not healthy and all healthy foods are not tasty, right ? But now you don't have to worry about choosing good food that fills your apetite and keeps you healthy. Thanks to BBC GoodFood App on Chrome which brings you a exotic collection of good foods, that is tasty as well as healthy !

This wonderful app is made by BBC. With a great and easy to use user interface, it also provides all information you need to know about a food like, ingredients used, cooking methods, time taken to cook, nutrition value, etc.. [ of course, I hope they don't have to teach you about how to eat, right ? ;) ]. If suudenly, some guests come home, don't worry, look for the easiest and fastest recipe available, and get it done in minutes !

You can search for your favorite cuisine based on the ingredients used and number of servings. Or just select one from pre organized list for breakfast, starters, mains, puddings or healthy classics. Improve your cooking skills by watching cookery videos, or learn about healthy ingredients, their availability in seasons, and their preparation.

It is everything you need to know, available at one place. This app has 5 out of 5 stars with 40,000+ users. So, what are you waiting for ? Click here to install BBC GoodFood and start serving your stomach with healthy foods !

Bon Apetite ;)

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Diet Drinks could make you fat !

So, if you think you are safe drinking the diet cola, you have a shocking news here ! Diet Drinks could make you fat faster and increase blood sugar level with rolling time !

We know diet drinks are calorie free, and tastes as great as calorie rich drinks. But most of us don't know that they are more likely to make us fat than normal drinks ! yes, a continuous reaserch for ten years on 500 adults has revealed this truth at Diabetes Conference.

People who kiss two or more glass of diet drinks a day found their waistbands expanding five times faster than one who turned their face away from it ! The results were found so dramatic that American researchers are advising everyone to quit diet drinks and go for water to quench their thirst.

As Helen Hazuda, Professor at Health Science Centre of University of Texas, says that diet sodas and artificial sweetners foster sweet tooth, distort apetite and may even damage brain cells. When growth of waists of diet drinks intakers is compared with that of people who take regular drinks, it is found that diet drink fans' waists expand 70% faster. Another reason for this awkward growth is that diet drinks trigger apetite and drive you to eat more junk and unhealthy foods.

These figures still stand good, even when smoking, exercise, education, taken into account ! It is common that people consider diet drinks as health supplement but such a belief would ruin your figure, and may be, even your life !

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