Carry 300,000 free music tracks in your pocket !

Everyone love music and the hunger for new music is always alive in everyone. Now a days, most of the people own a smartphone. Whether it is iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android, Jamendo offers you a mobile application which gives access to huge music catalog of Jamendo, and most importantly, it is ads free, and totally free !

Unlike other online music services, you don't need to buy a subscription to stream or download the music tracks from Jamendo. You can browse songs by genre, top-rated, newest and artists. Or create your own personal playlist to listen to your favorite artists and tracks later ! It is still not available for Symbian phones, but they are thinking of releasing one in near future. So why don't you give it a try ? After all, you have nothing to lose, but everything is to gain !

You can download Jamendo app for your BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World. [Thanks to Teleca Poland]

Download for your iPhone from AppStore, available in French, English, German, Itallian, Polish and Spanish languages !

Download the regularly updated app for your Android from Android Market. [Again, Thanks to Teleca Poland].

So, which track are you listening to ? ;)

Google fined NT$1 million by Taipei !

It seems like Google's problems with Chinese nations would not end soon. After the departure of Google from China, now, Taipei has imposed a fine of NT$1 million on Google for refusing to provide 7 day trial period to consumers on apps downloaded from Android Market and suspending the availability of such apps for its users !

The conflict between Google Android Market's Terms of Service and Consumer protection Law of Taipei, and Google's refusal to resolve the things has led to this move by Taipei city government.

According to TOS of Android Market, Money refunding is available only for 15 minutes from the moment of app download. But the Consumer Protection Law allows users to return their purchases by 7 days for refund. On this conflict, City Government had asked Google to resolve this issue by providing 7-day trial period. But Google refused, and suspended sales of paid apps in city.

Government warned Google on this regard, asked for an explanation and demanded for improvements by 23rd of June. Government had threatened Google to impose NT$300,000. But Google asked for grace period on expiration of the deadline. Later when Google refused to bend their "rules", Government took action by imposing NT$1 million fine.

Google is now up for another round of talks with City Government on 30th of June but still, there are many problems for Google, on the way. The 15 minute trial period is universally imposed by online retail platforms and Google can't make decisions alone.

Whatever it is, Google has a tough time there in Taiwan !

Amazing places on Earth - Experience the Beauty of Nature !

Are you on wheels ? or just an ocassional traveller ? Whatever you are, if you just love travelling, here are some places on earth, which you should never dare to miss !

TheCoolHunter has got this marvelous collection of beautiful photos from around the world for you, which is, surely going to be feast for your eyes. I just wonder again and again how beautiful this world is !

Travelling is such an experience that you can't put on words. If you are dreaming of roaming around the world, you must take a look at these photos first, and then start plannning for a Travel. Here is the link to that Photo Gallery on CoolHunter.

Bon Voyage in Advance ! ;)

Yoda, The ugliest dog in the World !

"You are pretty ugly !", this kind of statement seems weird but is buzzing all around. There are many shows and competitions which provide stage to showcase your beauty. But here is a competition for dogs, which is dedicated to find the world's ugliest dog, most importantly, it is running from last 23 years !

Yoda, a chinese-crested and chihuahua hybrid dog is named as winner of 23rd annual contest yesterday at sonoma marin fair in northern California. And it is now officially the world's ugliest dog. The proud owner of Yoda, Terry Schumacher of Hanford, California said that the dog has come a long way since she was found abandoned behind an apartment building.

Terry was scared when she first found this dog behind the apartment and thought it as a bubbled rat. But later on clear observation, she found it a dog and took her home for immediate care. This 14 year old dog replaced the last year's champ, one eyed chihuahua named Princess Abby, and earned her owner $1000 and a lovely trophy (how many days would we need to earn that decent sum of money ?!).

In last few years, chinese crested and chihuahua dogs have won this title many times. What is your bet, pretty, ugly, or pretty ugly ? ;)

SMS - Simply Message Sharing :)

From this week, I'm going to share top messages in my mobile inbox. I get thousands of messages every week and it is hard to choose the best few. Most of these messages would have already gone past your eyes. But everyone won't have read these. So here I go with those lovely messages :)


A 9 year old boy went to an ice cream parlour.
Waiter : What do you want ?
Boy : How much a cone ice cream costs ?
Waiter : $1
Boy checked his pocket and asked the cost of small cone.
Iriitated waiter angrily said, $0.75.
Boy ordered the small cone, had it, paid bill and left.
When the waiter came to pick the empty plate, tears rolled down his eyes. The boy had left $0.25 as tips for him !

Make everyone happy with what you have :)

Learn from your walking feet. The foot that is forward has no pride & the foot which is behind has no shame. Beacuse they know their position will change in time !


Girl in a Book store,
girl : Do you have the book called "Girls are the real intelligents" ?
sales boy : Sorry madam, jokes book department is in first floor !



Teacher : Whoever answers the next question correctly can go home.

Suddenly Jack throws out his school bag.

Angered teacher shouts, " Who threw the bag ?!"
Jack, "ME ! I'm going :D"


I like banana because it is seedless, I like you because you are brainless !
Feeling bad ? Come on friend, it is just a ............... fact, not a joke :D


Feel free to share with your friends :)

Nokia N9 - Just Swipe your Phone !

Nokia is back with a all new phone, which believes in one thing - Swipe ! Yes, Nokia has unveiled the Nokia N9, a bold, all screen phone that is incredibly fast and easy to use. No menu buttons, just swipe and get things done in the way you want in seconds !

Nokia N9 has a simple beautiful look, which sport a 3.9 inch AMOLED display, with a capability to display 16.7 million colours, which bring everything into life. The curved, scratch resistant glass is seamlessly merged with smooth one piece body. Home screen can be customized with three simple views.This phone comes with 16 GB or 64 GB internal memory. With a RAM of 1 GB, you hardly notice the difference in time. An 8 MP camera with carl zeiss optics, dual LED flash, 4x digital zoom and wide angle lens, capture the beautiful moments with pride or film live in high definition, continuously for 4.5 hours !

A next generation browser, with support to HTML5, CSS 3, XHTML and Javascript, load webpages in no time. Keep multiple webpages open and switch between them. Integrated GPS, Free ovi maps with voice guidance, let you find the way to your desired place easily. Preloaded with must have apps and games like Angry Birds Magic and Galaxy on Fire 2, use accelerometer (orientation sensor) to play in style.

All your notifications, like messages, missed calls, IMs, emails, facebook updates, etc are organized at one place and are accessible with just one swipe ! Rotate the phone and change colours between black, cyan or magneta ! Music playback time upto 50 hours to keep you on play for long. Tap and share wirelessly, instantly, using NFC (near field communication) or Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR.

Nokia N9 runs on MeeGo for Nokia, and comes in three models, black, cyan and magenta. This phone will be soon made available in stores all over the world.There are many other wonderful features to unlock, and all you have to do is just Swipe ! ;)

Kitara - The Misa Digital Guitar !

Guitar, a music instrument which is an essential part of today's every music track, has constantly evolved through times. Acoustic guitars ruled the music world once, then came the electric guitar to that place. And now it is time to welcome digital guitar ! Take a look at these images of Misa Digital Guitar !

Kitara, the misa digital guitar, which looks like an electric guitar in shape, but with no strings ! "wth, guitar without strings ?! How can one control the sound then ?!!" Well, all you need is a touch ! Yes, Kitara replaces strings with a sporty 8 inch multi touch display, and touching the screen builds notes ! The position of your touch and movement decides the way sound is generated.

Its neck has 24 frets where strings are relpaced by buttons. You can apply number of digital effects, save sounds as presets, and swap preset files online. Everthing is configurable, just by your touch. This guitar is powered by Linux operating system.

But Kitara is not created as a replacement to electric guitar. Electric guitars are good for electric music and digital guitar has a different story. Misa digital guitar is an experimental instrument that concentrates on digitizing music and easing the guitarists' work.

Whatever the things maybe, it is kinda cool and innovative thought which could revolutionize the music world in near future !


TweetMeme - One place for hottest links on Twitter

Most of us use Twitter, a wonderful place for being updated with the latest news and trends over the world. But we can't open twitter and keep on looking at it everytime. Who has so much of time in this fast moving world ? And even, if you follow an average of 100 users, your timeline will grow like hell ! Most of the stuff you care for, go under hood because of other tweets.

So it is always nice to have a single place, where we can find the hottest news and links, organized on different categories. TweetMeme is a place which fulfill this desire !

TweetMeme scans the Twitter and organize the most trending news and links in a single place, in an organized manner. News and links are categorized under entertainment, sports, technology, etc so that you can have easy access to the news you care ! Every category is subcategorized into news, images and videos. You can view most recent top tweets, last 24 hours' or last 7 days'.

Now you don't have to worry about missing the "Train" ;)

Mozilla Firefox 5 is out Now !

It was a surprise when I got back home from college and saw Mozilla firefox 5 released ! So I just switched from beta to release channel. Well, it doesn't seem to be any new extra ordinary feature there in this new release, but Interface has been improved very much and it looks great ! And it is great to know that it is highly customizable.

Below is a list of great features in Firefox 5 :

> Super speed browsing !

> All your menu items can now be accessed under a single button.

> One click bookmark button for easy access to your favorites.

> Pin your favorite website permanently to tab bar ! kinda cool ;)

> Too many tabs opened ? Organize with Panorama, in a fun and visual way !

> Location aware browsing - Find local bookshop to restaurants easily.

> One click bookmarking.

> Integrated download manager that let you pause and resume downloads when you want !

> Crash Protection Browsing - Addon crash won't interrupt your browsing any more !

> Advanced Security to make your online experience better.

> Loaded with all new web technologies, more support for HTML5.

Most of these features were introduced in Firefox 4, but has been improved in this version. I personally feel the interface, a way more better than the last version. So what are you waiting for ? Go and install Firefox 5 now ! Love to use in your local language ? Checkout here, Firefox supports more than 70 languages !

Happy Browsing :)

Bring out the true leader inside you !

No one has taught us how to blame others, but still we are quite well skilled in that ! While blaming people, we forget we are one among them ! Just remember, every drop of water has its contribution in making an ocean. Similarly, every person has his own contribution in making a nation.

We have to act for every obstacle comes in our way. If you are not ready to take responsibility for your task, No one else does ! So when would the problem get solved ? Answer is, when a leader comes out. Where is that leader ? Answer is, in "you" ! Yes, every person has a true leader within him/her. All the thing you need is to bring out that true leader.

Here is a heart touching video about true leader, that still inspire, motivate and fill my heart with courage, everytime I watch it. This was a promotional video created by "Times Of India" for a TV Show called "Lead India" in 2007, which was purely dedicated to bring out the true leader in a common man. I don't know how much successful that show was in selecting a true leader, but this video touched the hearts of millions of Indians. It clearly shows what difference, spirit of a true leader can make on this world.

One man following millions has never become history, but millions following one has always ! Ever wonder what can make you a true leader ? Remember, all you need to become a great leader is "you", only you !

Isle of Tune, A Musical Street Journey Game !

Create your own Island with flowers, trees, homes, and street lamps along roadside, drive cars along the road, and your own music tune is ready ! Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are your players !

A game, Isle of Tune, is a must have app for your chrome ! I have started to love this game. It is always cool and fun to create your own tune, right ? So why keep waiting, go to chrome web store and grab this app now !

Everything is simple here. Just create roads the way you want, put trees, homes, flowers and street lamps along the roadside, start driving cars the way you like and it is done. Hear to your first tune, and I bet you will feel cool but same time, not proud of your tune ! So why don't try some in built loops ? Add more sounds, or erase one you feel annoying. So you have every chance to make your tune smart ! And finally don't forget to save your work to make it more smart next time ;)

Now you have started to feel proud of your tune, why don't share with others ?! Yes, you can share your island with other users and even play others' shared islands ! Vote up the tune you like, Vote down otherwise. 50,000 users already own musical islands and it is your time to own one ! Click here to install Isle of Tune and start your own tune ;)

Rich beggar ! old woman with huge money !

Rich Beggar !! It sounds funny, weird and meaningless but it is true ! An old woman named Rambai, living in the streets of khammam, AP, India was found having nearly Rs.80,000 cash in a cloth bag. Interesting thing is, she had nearly 10,000 to 15,000 coins in that bag !!

When she was begging in the streets, a theif snatched her money bag and ran away. She started shouting and police chased the thief. Fed up theif, threw the bag and ran away. After recovering the bag, police counted the money and found Rs.80,000 cash, for their surprise ! Police had a hard time in counting that money with so much of coins. It is said that she has collected this money by begging for years. The language barrier is an obstacle for police men to find her origin now.

Police men have created a Bank Account in her name and have deposited the money.

That old woman look like she would die in few years. But why she is collecting so much of money at this age, I don't know ! More sad thing is, she is still begging despite of owning so much of money. If she continue begging, there is no difference in she having money or the theif taking it away !

Live for you ! A short story by Chetan Bhagat

If you love reading stories, here is a short story by one of my favorite Novelist, Chetan Bhagat.
I like him not because of my name is same as his first name, but there will always be some freshness in his story. I found it accidentally, but it is a good story, so thought of sharing with you all. Hope you like this,here is how the story begins:

Everyone will give you an opinion on how to live your life. No one, no one will give you good advice on how to end it. Worse, they will tell you to continue living, without any respect for individual choice. Yes, hi, I’m Gautam Arora, and after eighteen wonderful years in Delhi, I’ve decided to end my life.

I sat with my best friend Neeraj and his girlfriend Anjali at Costa Coffee, DLF Metropolitan Mall in Saket. The coffee is way overpriced, but considering I had a day to live, I didn’t mind getting ripped off.

“The joke isn’t that funny,” Neeraj said, tearing open the second sachet of brown sugar and mixing it for his girlfriend. If this girl can’t mix sugar in her coffee, I wonder what she will be like after marriage.

“Do I look like I am joking? You are in medical college, and as a friend and someone two years elder to me, I am asking your advice on what is the most painless, graceful way to go. And ideally, it should be available at the friendly neighbourhood chemist,” I said. I ordered a chocolate fudge cake. What are a few extra calories on your last day? >>Read more here>>

Love Reading Story Books ? I recommend you Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.

Watch how creative an advertisement could be !

We see a lot of advertisements on television everyday. Some really make us laugh and some other, as usual, are boring.Some times we appreciate the creativity of ad makers, who make us think about the climax and something different happens than what we think !

Here is an Advertisement which does exactly the same. I'm sure you can't guess what is going to happen till the end ! If you still think you can, then watch it and tell ! And I'm sorry if you have seen it before on television :D

So what is your opinion after watching the ad ?! Andre Price is the man behind the idea of this ad. Stunning work by the Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg production company and music by The German Wahnsinn Team. I think it is absolutely mindblowing, what do you have to say ? ;)

World's most Pierced Woman !

It is all for Record and Fame sake. She don't like tattoos or piercings, but Elaine Davidson, the Guinness world record holder as most pierced woman on earth, do it all for Record !
In 2000, when she was first accredited by the Guiness world record officials, she had 462 piercings on her body, with her face alone bearing 192 !

As of now, she has almost 7000 piercings on her body. "I don't enjoy getting pierced, but to break the record, you have to get to high level", she says. Even though no one in her family likes tattoos or piercings, she is happy that she decided to change and be herself, she explains proudly.

Few days back, that is last wednesday, she was married to Douglas Watson, a balding old man ! She lives in Edinburgh, UK with her 60 year old husband who has no space on his body for piercings. She is running a aromatherapy shop called "Tropical Rainbow" in the city. Her husband, Watson said that they met 15 years back in a coffee shop in Glasgow which has ended in thier marriage.

This former nurse from Brazil, is a multi talented lady who holds a black belt in Judo and enjoy Sky Diving, Horse Riding and other such extreme sports. She doesn't drink or smoke and she wants the world to know this.

She says, "I never removes rings and studs", which are said to weigh seven pounds !


The 12 most hilarious moments caused by online Ads !

It is common that websites are served with keyword targetted online ads. When a user visits a web page in a website, advertisements are displayed based on the content of that page. This helps the user, who is searching for a particular thing, thus it smoothens both Advertisers' and users' purpose.

But there are some situations where this kind of keyword targetted ads leads to funny moments and backfires the advertisers ! Judging the meaning of an article just by keywords could be dangerous sometimes. and here are some of such moments where online ad finds itself misplaced ! I found this article on BusinessInsider and it is really hilarious ! Click Here to see those 12 Most hilarious, unfortunately placed online Ads :)

Fancy Pants Adventures - World 2, Game for Chrome !

Google Chrome has turned the browser into your window to the world ! You name it and Chrome has it for you. Chrome is catching the pace in browser market and you have many reasons to go for Chrome ! Ok, lets come to the point. Have you played Fancy Pants Adventure - World 2 ? If your answer is no, you are missing a lot !!

Created by Brad Borne, the man behind the hit flash game phenomena, with the help of EA2D (a dedicated team for 2D animation from EA), this game has a life like animation with lots of excitement. Here you fight with an angry rabbit which steal your ice cream. You jump, run, slide, flip and do a lot more amazing tricks in a new world along your way to fight that angry rabbit ! A wonderful and addictive game that you can play inside your Google Chrome browser.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars, 200,000+ users are 'playing' this game now. If you are eager to play, just Click here from you Chrome browser and start having fun ! Run Fast Run Fancy !

If you own Xbox Live or PlayStation, they have a brand new version of FPA where you can play with your local or online friends in High Definition ! It has many more new features specially designed for your console ! PlayStation users Run Fancy Here and Xbox users Get Fancy Here. For those who don't have both of these, still you can have a sneak peak at the new game from your Chrome Here.

Happy Gaming ! :)


Exams are near, Students are in fear !

If you are a student, you must have come through the Exam fear, anxiety which bring hundreds of other problems with them as a non desired gift ! ok, for some those people who say I haven't experienced this, consider yourself lucky, but I bet most of you will be lying !

Well now our concern is people who suffer the exam fear. We know how hard it is to overcome this fear. Sometimes suddenly we get caught by fever during exam time and destroy every parent's peace of mind. Even one who has studied well before the exam suffer this kind of situation. So how to overcome this fear ? Her are few tips & suggestions you could follow to beat the exam fear and succeed !

> First thing is, study well before the exam so that you don't have keep turning pages at 2 AM, last night before the exam !

> Prepare yourself a timetable, and try to strictly follow it. Believe me, Discipline can change your world !

> Give some space to recreation in your timeteble, don't overload yourself with studies.

> Start off with easy subjects, easy topics and then move onto difficult ones. This step gives you some confidence !

> Always make it a habit to write down points when you study, don't just read, write & practice !

> Have coffee break in the middle. It works as stress buster. But don't drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day !

> Take food from time to time and sleep too ;)

> Go out for short walks outside in fresh air and talk with friends, but not about studies !

> Watch TV less during exam time and watch only comedy shows or something that kepp you happy.

> Read when you feel like reading, whether it is midnight or early morning. Don't try to stay up over night or early morning when you have no mood to study.

> Read in any position that you like. But I suggest you to face east or north while reading, It really works !

> Sleep early on the day before exam and don't eat too much of dinner and then the breakfast.

> If you believe in God, pray before you leave home. "God is someone who is always there to take your pressure when you can't !"

> Don't open book at the last moment and never try to read new concept !

> Reach exam hall 15 minutes before the start of exam and don't talk with anyone. Sit, close your eyes, and don't even revise. Just be calm. It has a major advantage, trust me !

Follow these steps and now you are ready to take up the Exam with no fear ! And you are just a few steps away from success !! And hey wait !! if you fail, don't worry, your exam results are not the key to success in life. People who dropped out of schools & colleges are really ruling the society ! But please, don't take this for granted.. Hope this post help you all students out there :)

An Extra ordinary story of Survival !

To become a mother is every married female's desire. But it takes her through a tough course of 9 months before she could become mother. These 9 months are filled with lot of happiness, anxiety and fear. But how scary it would be, if someone has to be pregnant for 46 years ?!! Unbelievable but it is true in case of Zahra !

Zahra Aboutalib is a 75 year old woman from Morocco who finally gave birth to a dead baby, after 46 years ! It all started in 1955, in a village of Casablanca, when Zahra was a 25 year old lady who was pregnant for her first child. As she reached 9th month of pregnancy, it normally started to pain in her stomach. For her bad luck, the baby didn't shift even after 48 hours and doctors said that caesarian is the only way for her to take out the baby. But when Zahra saw another pregnant woman next to her table dying with the pain of caesarian, She went on panic. So she decided not to go for caesarian, but to die with her child in womb.

As a local myth said, because of curse, babies tend to sleep inside womb which would come out later in time. She believed in this myth called "Sleeping baby", and let her fate to decide this.

Day by day the pain started to increase but she didn't bother. As days passed, baby stopped moving inside and the pain went away. She adopted three children to forget the sad feeling and became a grand mother. Everything was going fine for five decades untill that day come.

In 2001, her stomach was swollen again and it started paining. As the pain grew unbearable, her son took her to a hospital in town. Primary check up didn't help doctors to understand anything. After a detailed MRI, doctors weren't able to believe what they saw, there was a stone baby which was 46 years old !! During early days, the baby had developed outside the womb and fused with Zahra's internal organs. This made the baby unable to be born, and finally it died. This dead body developed a layer of hard calcified material around the baby, to protect itself from infection which the doctors called as stone baby.

But it is impossible to carry a dead baby inside. Then what made it possible ? Answer is, Zahra's body had accepted the stone baby as any other normal organ !! This time she had to under go surgery, but with better infrastructure & technology, it made possible to save her. And thus making it an extra ordinary story of Survival !

Talking to yourself, Not just normal but good too !

Are you a one who talk to yourself ? Are you afraid people would think bad about you because of this ? Or are you worried yourself about this issue ? Cool, Talking to yourself is not just normal but good too !

It is a common thing in society that self-talking people are considered mad. Even the people who talk themselves are also worried about their health. But research shows that it is not a sign of any disease but it is a good sign for yourself. The study reveals that people who talk to themselves can overcome stress & depression easily than others. It helps them to cope up with pressure and even reduce blood pressure ! Not just this, it even strengthen your immune system. I always keep talking myself when I feel stressed, and it really make me strong !

Communicating yourself verbally makes you feel relaxed and helps self control. These people are found to be more self-confident than others. When matters are too sensitive or secretive, talking to yourself prove to be a good medicine. It increases self-analysing power and helps taking strong decisions on your own.

After learning these much of uses from talking to yourself, are you still worried about what society thinks ?

Dream can help you beat your Depression !

Whether you believe or not, everyone dream everyday atleast for two hours. A normal human being over the age of 10, dream 4 to 6 times a day. Some dreams, if you remember, make sense while most of them seems to be fairy tale. Many people have same dreams repeated over and over and that has also got no reason. Few people think dreams have hidden meaning but there is no proof for both agreeing and disagreeing. So when it comes to dreams, all have their own beliefs and hard to reach a conclusion.

Why do we dream ? Well, No one can answer this question exactly but if we try to answer for some extent, dreams occur to put your feelings into action ! Some says dreams are a natural part of the sleep cycle and serve no purpose. But there is still a lot of differences even between the experts who study about dreams.

Do animals & birds also dream ?! We can never know for sure. Only thing we can do is measuring whether they have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or not, which is more or less associated with dreams (I could always see our dog barking in dream & shaking his legs like he is chasing someone !). Let us not go deep into science of dreams. But you know what ? Dreams can help you control your stress, anxiety and depression.

We normally dream about the problems, feelings and circumstances that we live during day time. Dreams don't just go with imagination but we really 'Experience' it !! So do we really die if we die in our dreams ?! No, this is absolutely a myth. Dreams provide you with such an opportunity that you can simulate your own life in risk without actually taking risk ! If you are too scared of your final exams, you are most likely to dream about it and you will actually fail in those dream exams !! But if you remember your dream for some extent, your stress & anxiety will cool down and you are likely to do the exams well than before. It is not just about exams, it applies to all sort of emotions, feelings and problems.

Researchers conducted a research on women who were recently divorced. And they found that the participants who dreamed about their ex-husband, showed a better emotional mood the next morning. These women were also able to recover from their depression much quicker than the women who either did not dream about their ex-husband or couldn’t remember their dreams. Rosalind CartWright, a sleep researcher says, “It really shows that there was an ongoing working through the night in the dream material, and eventually that the depression lifted in those people.”

But one thing we have to note here is, it is important to remember the dream. only then we can find some benifits from dream. If you don't remember what you dreamt of, most likely it will have no effect on your normal life !

Oldest Father on Earth at the age of 94 !

Can you believe that a 94 year old man could become father ? A 94 year old man from a small town in Haryana, India is claimed to be the oldest father in the world. The earlier record was in the name of Nanu Ram Jogi from Rajasthan, India who was claimed to become father at the age of 90 !

Ramajit Raghav is the new oldest father, living in a small town, Kharkhoda in Sonipat district of Haryana state. His old-age pension records reveal that his age is 94. His wife Shakuntala, who gave birth to the child is said to be in her fifties. He is originally from a village called Begpur in Uttar Pradesh who had left home about 40 years ago after a violent dispute in his family and was living at the current town from last 22 years.

He proudly says that he had been a wrestler in his youth and his daily diet which was comprised of 3 litres milk, half kg ghee & half kg almonds has helped him to survive at this age. He says that it is a 'God's Gift' to become father at this age and has named his child as Karamjit. Doctors have confirmed that his wife gave birth to a healthy male child and it belongs to him. They also said that it is a rare case but possibilities can't be denied.

New dual-sim mobile phones by Nokia

Finally Nokia has understood that its inability to bring out good dual-sim phones was the reason for their fallen consumer interest in India. Realizing this truth, now they have unveiled two new dual-sim phones with wonderful features. These phones were brought out at an event called "Twins Day Out". It all started with 60 twins parading before showing the phones out.

Last year, Nokia had brought out one dual-sim phone but it was not a success as lot of other companies had attracted consumers with their products. But this time, Nokia has came back strongly. It claims that C2-00 is the first dual-sim phone to have 'easy swap', which allows users to change SIM cards without the need to turn off the phone or remove the battery. The phone also remembers the settings for up to five separate SIM cards. Another phone, X1-01 comes with a big battery life upto 36 hours of continuous music playback. It also features two in-built speakers and supports memory card upto 16 GB. While C2-00 would cost around $65 (Rs.3,000), X1-01 costs around $42 (Rs.2,000).

They stand above all !

Most of we people have never lived a single day blaming life for the circumstances we live in. Everyone thinks that their problems are bigger than the others'. In the excitement of cursing life, we have forgotten to live the Life. But there are few people who stand apart, and one among such people is Jessica Cox.

We have two eyes, arms, legs and everything working right. But still we feel it is not enough to achieve something in life. But unlike most of us, Jessica Cox, a girl from Tucson, Arizona was born without arms. But this defect never deterred her from being normal and flying over the world with her feet. She is able to put her contact lenses, apply makeup & brush hair using her feet ! Doing every everyday activities and even driving a car is not at all a challenge to her. She was the first person to get black belt in the American Tae Kwon-Do Association and the first pilot in aviation history to fly with her feet !!

This doesn't mean that she hasn't struggled through the life ! But It shows that how one can surpass the one's disability. As she writes in her own website, "I am convinced that how we react has a greater impact on our lives than our physical constraints." She is a source of positive energy. Her every words speaks themselves about her self-confidence.

She is also an International Keynote Speaker. She share the different challenges & obstacles that came across and how she outthrew them. She also stands as an inspiration & motivate us, who are always bothered about the one's disabilities.

Final launch of the space shuttle & your final chance to witness it !

It is your final chance to witness the launch of STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis as it is the final space shuttle missioin, at Kennedy Space Center, targeted launch on friday July 8 2011 at 11.40 am ET. Date & time are subject to change but it is most likely to be launched on schedule. There is a high demand for the tickets as space shuttle program going to be retired. Only a limited number of tickets are available, so you will have to wait for luck. But first you need to register for the tickets !

Tickets are available for three viewing locations namely, NASA causeway, Kennedy Space Center visitor complex, and US Astronaut Hall of Fame. Tickets costs $61 at maximum and $ 20 at least. There is a little discount for children aged 3 to 11.

You have to register online before June 5 2011 at 5 pm ET. No registration over telephone available. Once the registration period is over, registrants are selected for ticket purchasing based on a random draw. You are not guaranteed of any tickets for any location. If you are selected for ticket purchasing, you will be notified through email you provide during registration. All tickets will be shipped to the billing address where your credit card statement is received. Also, you must purchase tickets with the same name and address that you used to register for the opportunity. No changes of address or name are permitted. Visit for complete details regarding the availability process of tickets.

If you don't want to miss this final opportunity to see the final launch of Atlantis, dive in to and register now, hurry !!

Turn your blog into a printed book !

Just a few week back, we had seen a wonderful app on facebook to turn your facebook profile into a nicely printed book (to read about it, click here). Now it is time to turn your blog into a printed book, as easy as having a cup of coffee ;)

Blog2Print has partnered with Blogger to bring this wonderful opportunity to all bloggers. Currently it is available for three of the famous blogging platforms namely, Blogger, Typepad, and Wordpress. Pick the cover, images, number & order of posts, comments, and now you are ready to go ! You can preview how your blog book would look like before placing an order. A 20 page soft cover blog book cost $15 and one with hard cover cost $25. For every additional pagem it cost
only 35 cents.

If your blog doesn't have much images and primarily based on text, you can even order for a black & white blog books which cost $11 for 20 page book and only 10 cents for every extra page. No need to pay extra charges as shipping is free !
Blog2Print's sister site, everything2print allows you to create book out of your facebook, twitter or even picasa !! Charges are similar with blog book. Give it a try.

It is really a great way to preserve your blogging memories. what do you have to say ? ;)

What would you do to own an iPad 2 ? Sell Kidney ??!!

It is an everyone's dream to own a pretty cool gadget like iPad. People are so crazy about this device that they are ready to wait in queue from midnight itself to buy this. But can you believe if someone has sold his kidney to buy an iPad ?!! If you don't, you have to !!

One 17 year old chinese teen surnamed Zheng from Anhui province has sold his kidney to buy iPad, reported on Shanghai Daily. According to the report, this boy was so restless to buy an iPad but couldn't affort it. But when a black market human organs dealer contacted him online and offered $3100 for selling his kidney, the boy found it as a last chance to own iPad.

The boy then travelled to the place fixed by the dealer and got his kidney removed in a local hospital. As promised, the boy was paid the money and he was able to buy a brand new iPad. His mother came to know this and filed a complaint against the delears. Investigation is going on now but dealers are not found yet.

Zheng is now suffering from post-surgical issues, and even the hospital where his kidney removed is not qualified for organ transplantation ! He is regretting now for his mistake and his health is getting worse day by day but there is nothing they can do now.
A mistimed decision lead him to this kind of problems. Now bringing the boy to normal life is much important than finding the culprits.

No more "Twitter" & "Facebook" on Radio and Television in France !

You might feel awkward to hear this but it is true that Radio Jockeys, Television anchors, News Presenters or any media are not allowed to use the words "Twitter" & "Facebook" in France. It seems like French Government is obsessed with making crazy laws which obviously make people feel awkward.

This is not a joke but a real regulatory ruling measure by the France Government. News Presenters can't say "For more news, follow us on Facebook & Twitter" any more. The reason behind this law is unknown but aren't the people of France willing to know ? Well, if it was in UK, USA or somewhere else, It would have been a huge news for the Media and lots of protests would have gone through. But it seems like French media has taken it simple and are seen with their normal routine as usual. Only a few people have raised their voice over blogs and Social networks but that really doesn't prevent the Government from strictly enforcing this Law !

To read more on this, click here.

Want to be fit and strong ? Start running backwards !

Who doesn't want to be fit ? don't you want to be fit, strong, and slim ? Yes, everyone wants to be, or atleast most people on earth ! Many people jogg several miles daily to be fit. Shall I suggest you a small tip to get more effectiveness with less effort ? If you are ready to listen, then start jogging backwards ! I know it sounds awkward but experts claim that backward running protects joints and burns more calories.

According to a study at the University of Oregon, running backwards reduces impact on the joints and helps in protecting you from knee & back problems. It is considered to be a shortcut to get fit ! As the study suggested, reverse runners need to move at only 80% speed than forward runners to gain same benifits. Another study by Stellenbosch University in South Africa also suggests that this technique can improve cardio vascular fitness as reported in The Daily Mail.

The study was based on effects of six week, female students running backwards three days/week while others were left to continue with their normal fitness routine. At the end, reverse runners were found to have significant decrease in their oxygen consumption, meaning they were aerobically fitter than before and they had also lost 2.5% of body fat.

James Bamber, the organizer of the UK's backward races, says that running one lap backwards is equivalent to running 6 laps forward. This is not a new concept, emerged during 70s, when sprots doctors started recommending reverse running to injured athletes !

So what do you think now ? Reverse is better ? ;)

Largest Panoramic Painting !

People do everything to create Guinness World Records. Now the radio and TV transmitting tower of Henan Province in China holds the record for the largest Panoramic Painting and has set a new Guinness World Record. The tower which hold this painting is called as Fortune Tower and is situated in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province.

The painting is of 3012.365 square metres large, measured by GWR team !! This panoramic painting was unveiled by the Henan Administration of Radio Film and Television to make the official opening of the Tower of Fortune on 29 April 2011.

Panoramic paintings are massive artworks that reveal a wide, all-encompassing view. The Guinness World Record Adjudicator presented the official certificate to the organizer after confirming everything was done according to the guidelines. The painting is named as Splendid Central Plains and it has took one year for 13 painters to complete this Painting !

I really feel this painting Splendid! ! what do you people think ? ;)

NPR for Chrome, Touch the content you love !

National Public Radio has created an app, optimized for Google Chrome. Whether you are a NewsJunkie, MusicJunkie or just love Arts & Life, NPR has it all for you in a new magazine style with sliding tapes ! Using this app, you will have instant access 100s of NPR stories, stations and to all the rich content produced by NPR. You can create your own playlist of NPR audio, read stories while you listen to live stations or on-demand audio. You can even download stories to read them offline when you are free ! Stations can be found using GPS, Zip code or state. Instant sharing with your facebook and twitter friends or email personally to one you love.

This app is the HTML5 version of iPad app and has a great and easy user interface, with live tiles on sliding tapes. surely you are going to love it. You can select topics that you like in all three sections and only stories related to that topic are displayed, making it more personal. Nearly 90,000 chrome users are using this good app. It has a 4 star rating with 310 votes. It is a worth using app to be connected to what you love. Click her to install this app !

I'm sure you can't guess the Climax !

Surrounded by the electronic machines, we are slowing turning mechanical. We have forgotten to laugh with open heart, we have forgotten to praise the meaning of life. We curse life to be hectic, but we really don't know that we ourselves making our lives hectic. Laughing is as important as living. When we laugh, we forget the bad and enjoy the good out of life.

Remember those old days when you were young, you needed no reasons to laugh but still you were very happy with abacus. Today we sit in front of computer for hours, earn decent income, play games, but find it really hard to laugh after all ! So this post is just for fun and make you laugh. I just heard a small joke and found it really funny. So I just want to share this with all of you. Read from the beginning, else it won't be a joke anymore, no cheat please ! I'm pretty sure you can't guess the climax of this Story & also Joke. Go on reading..

Mom came to her son's room and started to shout at him,

Mom : Wake up son, It is time to go to college !

Son : Why mom ? I really hate to go to college !!

Mom : Give me two reasons why you don't want to go to college ?

Son : One, All the students hate me and another, all the Teachers hate me :(

Mom : Oh no ! That is not a reason for not going to college. Come on, wake up, you must go to college.

Son : Give me two reasons why I should go to college ?

Mom : One, you are 55 years old ! two, you are the Principal of the college !!

I hope you read the story from the beginning without cheating and I also hope you people really enjoyed the Story !

Share this if you like it. Let us spread the happiness together :)

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