Your little help can change the World !

Are you a one who running any nonprofit organisation ? are you a one who like to help people in need but no money to donate ? do you just feel for one in trouble ?

Most of us daily blame the world. But we never think that we can change the world the way it should be. Just complaining will never solve the problem. We need to get up and start working, or just extend a helping hand to one who work. I guess most of you have heard about "Causes". Causes is the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy. They help every individuals to create tiny communities known as “causes” that can help specific issues to be resolved or nonprofit organization.

Started in 2007, by Sean Parker and Joe Green, now has nearly 150 million users who are successful in raising $35 million for 27,000 nonprofit organisations. As a volounteer, you can help victims of natural disasters as a rescue worker. As a user of internet, you don't need to pay money by your hand to help people, some things really need support than money !! Just create a "cause" on and start inviting your friends for the cause. If you are a facebook user, then it is too easy to make your cause a great one soon. Most of us use facebook, so why shouldn't we do something for the world while we enjoy socializing ? Just watch a video on and $1 will be donated to charity. Do you think it is really a difficult task to do this ? also provides the most comprehensive and effective tools for nonprofits and activists on Facebook. Using these tools, you can build communities of supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, circulate petitions, build volunteer capacity, and more. These tools are free and allow nonprofits not just to build a big list, but to empower everyone in your cause community to take actions, get friends involved, and expand your reach through your supporters’ social networks.
If it is your birthday, it is a right time for you to help the one in need by making a birthday wish, inviting your friends, and thus raising funds to make your wish come true !!

I request all you people to join and help to build a better world, because everything that happens are first born in mind ! Make you mind today, help people. What you give today to the world will be returned to you by the world in future :)

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