Words under ground !

Do you believe everything we write in English is communicated only by 7,000 words ? Yes, Lexicographers at Oxford University Press, who are researching on the frequency of English word usage in current trends like facebook, twitter and television, has revealed this thing !

There are many more thousands of words which have lost place in our daily voice, and are about to die. But Language enthusiasts have pledged to save these endangered words under ground by adopting them in daily life and encouraging others to do the same. As a great step in this regard, Oxford University Press has came up with a geeky website savethewords.org, where one can find a huge heap of beautiful words waiting for someone who give air to breathe.

As Dan Selinger,group communications executive at OUP says,savethewords.org has attracted 150,000 unique visitors ! Website is nicely designed and requires flash to view. Once you visit the site, you find a wall of rear words, which, on click, definition will be shown. If you like any word and find it funny to use it daily, the site prompts you to adopt that word and use it wherever you can, like on facebook, twitter, chat, IMs, SMSes or simply in your daily voice !

Using these words lead to funny conversations and at the same time, it helps to preserve and popularize these precious words to our future !

Happy surfing :)

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