Downloading YouTube videos can be no more easy than this !!

There are many softwares to download online videos from YouTube to your computer for offline viewing. But most of them are bulky and really mess things around. When YouTube is updated, you need to download updated version of those softwares to work correctly. So this has been a big problem for sometime.
Other way to download YouTube videos is to connect to websites like and download. This requires you to have Java installed on your computer.

Both the above mentioned ways have their own disadvantages. How nice it would be if a simple javascript do this work for you ?!! Yes, now you can download YouTube videos without downloading big big softwares or connecting to external sites, and even in any of the available video resolutions !! Just download a small (about 30 KB !) script, install it and you are ready to go !!

> If you are using Firefox, first you need to install GreaseMonkey and then download Youtube Video Downloader Script.

> If you are using Google Chrome, Just download the Script and drag it on to your Chrome window to install.

> If you are using Opera, Just save the Script into user javascript folder.

> If you are using Safari, install GreaseKit first.

Now you are just one click away from downloading your favorite YouTube videos !! Goto your favorite YouTube video page, now you can see a download button next to share button below the video, click on that and download video in desired resolution !!
Happy Downloading :)

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