Best Yahoo! Mail ever is here !!

      Now a days, our lives are getting busier than ever before. We like things to be get done fast and on the move. Same time, we look for things to be super easy, cool and less annoying.
If you agree with me on the above piece of text, surely you are one for 21st century ! Keeping this in mind, Yahoo! mail is out there to make you smile !!

With number of new features, best Yahoo! mail ever is ready to rock your world !! Here are the features of "Best Yahoo! mail ever" ( as they say !) :

> 2x faster - Your Yahoo! Mail is now two times faster than before. Emails and attachments come and go at high speed, so getting stuff done is a snap!

> Less spam - New enhanced spam protection keeps unwanted messages out of your Inbox, thus keeping your Inbox a clean room !

> Instant photo and video viewing - Now you can view photo slideshows and videos right in your email !

> Quick reply - Use the quick reply box in your email message to respond instantly to Facebook™ notifications and email messages !

> Larger attachments - Now you can send upto 50 files or 100 MB in a single email !

> Stay connected - Send instant messages to your Facebook™ friends or send messages to any mobile phones !

> Carry your Yahoo! mail on the go - It works perfectly on every internet-enabled device, even on your low end mobile phones !

> Breezy new look and feel - Your eyes can feel the breeze now with best Yahoo! mail ever !

> Unlimited storage - Finally on top of all, store everything you want in your Yahoo! mail, and you never run out of storage space !!

   With the best Yahoo! mail ever, Yahoo! is now planning to get back to its glory days. I recommend the current Yahoo! users to upgrade to best Yahoo! mail ever and if you are one not using Yahoo! mail, go and give it a shot here, it is worth using !!

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