Fight over noise on Twitter !

Most of the times when we login to our Twitter account, it is annoying to see tweets from a single user you follow throughout the page. It even make you miss tweets of the user you care. You can unfollow such user, but that is not the thing you want to do ! If you agree with this, here is a nice extension for the Google Chrome users out there !!

Proxlet Tweet filter is an Chrome Extension which allows you to take control over your timeline. You can mute users who create much noise, block annoying applications(permanently or temporarily), block annoying foursquare checkins, hide tweets based on hashtags, see links just from chatty users and much more !!

Already 6,000+ users are using this extensions to say goodbye to noise on Twitter. It even has a good rating(4 stars). I guess you need to read instructions about settings to get the most from this extension. Some people have found it not working for them. But I recommend you to give it a try as you have nothing to lose !!
Click here to install !!

Ban live exports of cattle !

4corners (Australia's premier television current affairs program) of ABC TV has aired a disturbing footage of Australian cattles being tortured before slaughtering them in Indonesia. You can watch the video online HERE(not recommended for weak hearted people). You can see how cruel we human beings are. This video has caused a lot of disturbance in the minds of Australian people today.

When it comes to live cattle exports, 60% of the export from Australia goes to Indonesia, making it a key customer for Australia's cattle export industry. Nearly half million cattles are exported to Indonesia every year, which accounts for $400 million trade ! Cameron Hall, CEO of LiveCorp (which provides live exports of livestock including sheep and cattle), has said that such inhumane practices are totally unacceptable but also added that it takes some time to change things in a developing country.

TV still showing a cattle being tortured

Many animal welfare groups including RSPCA are campaigning for the ban of live exports for many years. This has proved to be a right time for them to act and achieve success in thier campaign. People of Australia are highly condemning this cruel act. Live exports to three Indonesian slaughter houses were suspended three days back, before the 4corners program of ABC TV which was aired today. But still there are 100 other slaughter houses operating in Indonesia.

This is not the first time cattles being tortured before slaughtering. In 2006, the then Australian Agriculture Minister had suspended trade to Egypt after watching a similar kind of video of about 60 minutes. But till today, no permanent step has been taken to prevent reoccurance of such acts.
As Nepolean had said, The world suffers a lot not because of violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people. I request everyone who read this article to spread the news as a support to the BanLiveExport movement in Australia. Every voice of yours can do great things, Please have your voice and help banning Live export of animals. Australian people can support through

Words under ground !

Do you believe everything we write in English is communicated only by 7,000 words ? Yes, Lexicographers at Oxford University Press, who are researching on the frequency of English word usage in current trends like facebook, twitter and television, has revealed this thing !

There are many more thousands of words which have lost place in our daily voice, and are about to die. But Language enthusiasts have pledged to save these endangered words under ground by adopting them in daily life and encouraging others to do the same. As a great step in this regard, Oxford University Press has came up with a geeky website, where one can find a huge heap of beautiful words waiting for someone who give air to breathe.

As Dan Selinger,group communications executive at OUP says, has attracted 150,000 unique visitors ! Website is nicely designed and requires flash to view. Once you visit the site, you find a wall of rear words, which, on click, definition will be shown. If you like any word and find it funny to use it daily, the site prompts you to adopt that word and use it wherever you can, like on facebook, twitter, chat, IMs, SMSes or simply in your daily voice !

Using these words lead to funny conversations and at the same time, it helps to preserve and popularize these precious words to our future !

Happy surfing :)

Your little help can change the World !

Are you a one who running any nonprofit organisation ? are you a one who like to help people in need but no money to donate ? do you just feel for one in trouble ?

Most of us daily blame the world. But we never think that we can change the world the way it should be. Just complaining will never solve the problem. We need to get up and start working, or just extend a helping hand to one who work. I guess most of you have heard about "Causes". Causes is the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy. They help every individuals to create tiny communities known as “causes” that can help specific issues to be resolved or nonprofit organization.

Started in 2007, by Sean Parker and Joe Green, now has nearly 150 million users who are successful in raising $35 million for 27,000 nonprofit organisations. As a volounteer, you can help victims of natural disasters as a rescue worker. As a user of internet, you don't need to pay money by your hand to help people, some things really need support than money !! Just create a "cause" on and start inviting your friends for the cause. If you are a facebook user, then it is too easy to make your cause a great one soon. Most of us use facebook, so why shouldn't we do something for the world while we enjoy socializing ? Just watch a video on and $1 will be donated to charity. Do you think it is really a difficult task to do this ? also provides the most comprehensive and effective tools for nonprofits and activists on Facebook. Using these tools, you can build communities of supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, circulate petitions, build volunteer capacity, and more. These tools are free and allow nonprofits not just to build a big list, but to empower everyone in your cause community to take actions, get friends involved, and expand your reach through your supporters’ social networks.
If it is your birthday, it is a right time for you to help the one in need by making a birthday wish, inviting your friends, and thus raising funds to make your wish come true !!

I request all you people to join and help to build a better world, because everything that happens are first born in mind ! Make you mind today, help people. What you give today to the world will be returned to you by the world in future :)

Angry Birds are now ready to fly inside your Google Chrome browser !!

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 70 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

You might have heard of a sensational game called Angry Birds which is creating hot waves around the smartphone users. It is just about Birds! Slingshots! Destruction! Feathers! Fun! People are addicted to it so much that most of the smartphone users have forgot everything else on their phone !! Just hearing about is not much fun, right ? You don't own a smartphone but wish you could play it ? Well, here is a chance to hug this game in your arms !!

Angry Birds is now available on Google Chrome !! The Rovio team has made it possible for Chrome users to play this game inside the browser. Just download this Angry Birds application from Chrome Web store and start playing right now. Already a million+ users are using it and it is time for you to join the party !!

Happy Gaming :)

Downloading YouTube videos can be no more easy than this !!

There are many softwares to download online videos from YouTube to your computer for offline viewing. But most of them are bulky and really mess things around. When YouTube is updated, you need to download updated version of those softwares to work correctly. So this has been a big problem for sometime.
Other way to download YouTube videos is to connect to websites like and download. This requires you to have Java installed on your computer.

Both the above mentioned ways have their own disadvantages. How nice it would be if a simple javascript do this work for you ?!! Yes, now you can download YouTube videos without downloading big big softwares or connecting to external sites, and even in any of the available video resolutions !! Just download a small (about 30 KB !) script, install it and you are ready to go !!

> If you are using Firefox, first you need to install GreaseMonkey and then download Youtube Video Downloader Script.

> If you are using Google Chrome, Just download the Script and drag it on to your Chrome window to install.

> If you are using Opera, Just save the Script into user javascript folder.

> If you are using Safari, install GreaseKit first.

Now you are just one click away from downloading your favorite YouTube videos !! Goto your favorite YouTube video page, now you can see a download button next to share button below the video, click on that and download video in desired resolution !!
Happy Downloading :)

See who viewed your profile on facebook !! Well, that is just a SPAM !

Now a days you see lot of posts on your wall and your friends' wall stating something like "OMG OMG Now you can see who viewed your profile, click here !!". Everyone is curious to know who follows us. So most people click on that link. Now the game begins ! Once you click on that link and permit that application to access your account, a similar kind of post is sent to your entire friends list !! wow, thats freakin' !!

I had a same experience once. There are other similar kind of spam which ask you to post that message on 5 different places on facebook and then to complete surveys. But your never get to see who viewed your profile !

Truth is, there exists no such application or script on facebook. All application that promise to show you your profile viewers are spam and are even dangerous sometimes. Please stay away from that kind of applications and don't click on such links. Recently, It tend to log out when I go to my profile page even though I hadn't clicked on any such links ! After going through facebook's help page, I found out that virus was spread through friends who clicked on such links and only way to prevent was to block them !!

So please spread this message to your friends and be safe online. Happy surfing :)

Secure your facebook account from hackers !

It is good to be on facebook, stay connected with friends, share photos, videos, status updates and all. Now you will have lot of information about yourself on facebook, we can even consider your facebook profile as virtual you !! So how prepared are you if someone challenge your virtual identity ? Is your facebook account safe from hacking ? or do you feel your account is secure than your friends' one ?

Now you are in confusion why am I throwing whole lot of questions at you !! but imagine what can you do if your account has been hacked now ? Here are a few simple tips to secure your facebook account from hackers and hacking.

> Never ever share your facebook account password, even with your friends.

> Don't use same password for both your facebook and email account, this is the most common mistake done by many people.

> Change your password once in three months atleast and don't use common dictionary terms as password.

> Add and verify your mobile number to your facebook account. This helps you in numerous way to get back the access to your account in case of lost password or if your account is hacked.

> Under account security, check the box before "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible".

> Under account security, check the box before "When an unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account: Send me an email".

> Under account security, check the box before "When an unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account: Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone".

> If you find someone logged in to your account or find any suspicious activity, change password as soon as possible.

After following all these steps, I guarantee that you won't feel insecure anymore.

In a wireless world...

       Man has made infinite inventions in last 5 decades. Technology is updated every minute. The stuff which is new this moment, would become obsolete the next ! From the day Television invented, life has changed a lot. It was a revolutionary invention in those days.

   There were only few tv channels in 60s but today there are around 500 ! So now guess a life without remote ! how does that sound ? If you had no remote, you had to get up from couch to change every single channel. That is really annoying. When remotes arrived first, they were not capable of jumping randomly to desired channel, one had to travel through sequence of channels.

Ok, stop imagining, I read an article about tv remote control, its origin and avatars. If you are interested to know how remote changed our life and why it could be considered as one of the important inventions by mankind, Check this article on Technologizer. It is worth knowing ! ;) It is really fun to read about this magical device which has transformed our lives(and many times by itself !!).

Best Yahoo! Mail ever is here !!

      Now a days, our lives are getting busier than ever before. We like things to be get done fast and on the move. Same time, we look for things to be super easy, cool and less annoying.
If you agree with me on the above piece of text, surely you are one for 21st century ! Keeping this in mind, Yahoo! mail is out there to make you smile !!

With number of new features, best Yahoo! mail ever is ready to rock your world !! Here are the features of "Best Yahoo! mail ever" ( as they say !) :

> 2x faster - Your Yahoo! Mail is now two times faster than before. Emails and attachments come and go at high speed, so getting stuff done is a snap!

> Less spam - New enhanced spam protection keeps unwanted messages out of your Inbox, thus keeping your Inbox a clean room !

> Instant photo and video viewing - Now you can view photo slideshows and videos right in your email !

> Quick reply - Use the quick reply box in your email message to respond instantly to Facebook™ notifications and email messages !

> Larger attachments - Now you can send upto 50 files or 100 MB in a single email !

> Stay connected - Send instant messages to your Facebook™ friends or send messages to any mobile phones !

> Carry your Yahoo! mail on the go - It works perfectly on every internet-enabled device, even on your low end mobile phones !

> Breezy new look and feel - Your eyes can feel the breeze now with best Yahoo! mail ever !

> Unlimited storage - Finally on top of all, store everything you want in your Yahoo! mail, and you never run out of storage space !!

   With the best Yahoo! mail ever, Yahoo! is now planning to get back to its glory days. I recommend the current Yahoo! users to upgrade to best Yahoo! mail ever and if you are one not using Yahoo! mail, go and give it a shot here, it is worth using !!

Turn your facebook profile into a printed book !!

     We daily use facebook to be connected to friends, share photos, videos, status, and virtually almost everything ! how it would be to have your facebook profile as a book in hand, and even beautifully organised ? Yes, that will be obviously nice ! So why don't you let a facebook application do it all for you ?!!

A new facebook application, Social Memories, by german mail & logistics gaint Deutsche post DHL help you have your facebook profile as a coffee-table book in just 4 steps !!

It allows you to select a timeframe, scans your profile and organizes every photos, status, etc in a beautiful manner with fun facts, figures and statistics between that timeframe. You need a fair amount of content between the selected timeframe to create this book. This is just for fun application but an easy way to keep your online memory safe ! The book will be of 28 pages and costs around 23 euros or $30 by the time it reaches your hand.

However, online version of the book is free to view and you can even share selected pages of the book as a facebook album !! It is still a beta version. Just give it a try now here(Don't worry, they don't ask you for money unless you order for hard copy of the book !) Click here.

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